Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Joy, It Is Here.

Joy, It is here and it is felt and foreseen;
as a swirl of argent colors infused in love -
where all natural smiles and the sweetest of dreams 
are woven within beauties perfectious heart.

Joy, it is felt within the calm of the storm,
as a cumulus cloud floating wide in the sky -
where all the world feels so big and bravery defeats,
the deafening fright of the fear interlayered within streets.

Joy, it is toes in between the supple blades of the grass
and sat underneath the shadowy trees of life's path,
long off away from man made roads overlaid in rage,
hidden from the fiends whom take their stage.

Joy, is where webs of artistry weave wands of peace 
and where sorrows are as lovely as the flowers kiss.
as growth gives birth it is here stagnation reigns no more,
where God flows eternally in the oceans of Earths shores.