Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Always By My Side

I am distended,

into the belly of ghosts -

Seeping through the supernatural debates,
and presences of memories -
that are ingrained, charred .....

They taunt the back of every seat I take,

every road I choose,

every dream I follow,
every hall I pass,
elevator I enter,
and staircase I climb.

I will Fight them!

And then listen to the tangled vibrations
they that writhe in hypnotizing rhythms,
cascading from dry letter typings,
wet pen marks, paper journals,
and napkin scraps!

Yes imminent death,
I am speaking to you,
I am calling,
then hanging up,
and pressing redial,

I am asking you for the truth ...

But you never have to call me back, do you?
because you are always by my side.
Perhaps loving me the most,
reminding me I will someday die.