Sunday, August 9, 2015

Why isn't my poetry book selling?

Poetry books do not sell well. The top 5 poetry books in the world do not sell 5,000 copies a month. Most of the top 5 do not sell 1,000 copies a month. Most poetry books will be considered a success if they sell 500 copies over the author's lifetime. People online searching for a good book do not look for poetry books. Unless they are familiar with the author, nobody ever buys a poetry book.

Consider this: Even writers as great as Edgar Allan Poe had to fund their own poetry publications because the publishers would not touch poetry without money up front. Short stories and novels, sure, but not poetry. Nobody has ever gotten rich with poetry books except the offspring of Kahlil Gibran. His books sold fairly well, then made a huge resurgence in the 1960's. He did not live to see the money. Publishing poetry is art for art's sake. It is not reasonable commerce.

Some self-published books have quietly developed their own following and have sold very well. There are a few millionaires who have done so, mostly with romance novels. 50 Shades of Gray is one example. It originally began as a self-published book. It did well enough that a big time publisher bought the rights and made it a household name. It is not common but it is possible, more so in the romance novel arena.

Short stories are similar to poetry but not as bad. Novels are the best. Books sell in this order, as far as I understand it:

Romance Novels

Teen Coming of Age Novels

Teen Romance Novels

Teen Paranormal Novels (Like Harry Potter)

Paranormal Novels

Any Young Adult Novel

Making $50 to $100 per month on a book would be a very successful self-published book. Eventually, it should snowball into something more. There is no telling how long that will take.

There is money in such books, but do not expect to use one to put your kids through college and don't go quitting your day job.

Poetry Books will sell, but the sales will be slim and spotty.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

This is my God

This is my God by DeviantPixie

Some people, that read the bible, believe that we are worthless as humans. There are passages in the bible, that were written by humans, which can be perceived from that angle. Other people who are Christians, and believe in the supernatural higher power of God, are more about the teachings of Christ, than any other passages in the bible, written by other humans. Some people read passages in the bible, that state god loves us, and god is part of us, and have the ability to understand, the God part of us is The Spirit Self, or the true self.

Those who turn to the bible, for salvation, but do not hold the understanding that we are two people, we are the false self, the ego, or the fake self, the sinner, and we are also the true self, the God/Spirit self, do not believe that God is within us. They do not see God as an internal light, but an external light. I am an Empath, and I am one of those people, who KNOW, and UNDERSTAND, that in order for me to understand how to be a loving person through God, the Spirit, I must first perceive it to believe it. Those who cannot fathom that they are spirit and ego in their mind, may turn to The bible, and to Christ, to find the answers. And I believe that they truly want to know, and to understand. 

But I know first hand, what it is like for a person to perceive the bible with their ego, to try to make sense of the world, because my mother tried to use passages from the bible to control me. One time, she told me; 'God does not like rock and roll music'. 'I'ts in the bible' she said. Now I know there are plenty of Chrisitian Rock bands. 

But that's besides the point. I learned to be very grateful for the way my mom tried to use the bible to control me. I always knew I was not like her, and my spirit refused to accept her ego's need to control as the truth. I do love her, although many of her actions, are not in the best interest of others. They are in the best interest of herself.

I do not judge those who are this way, any more or any less than I know God's good will. But I know God called me to speak His truth, and ever since I have learned to accept this challenge, my life has been peaceful, and never lonely. But it has been much more difficult, than it used to be. The path of truth is always more difficult than the path of lies. I truly love everyone, but I will continue to always believe God is internal as well as external.

I do not care that others may say it isn't so, but I will always refuse to accept it as my truth. No matter how difficult the road to truth has been, I will always be grateful for finding my voice. The voice that was silent, I now have learned how to express it with words, through poetry, and writing my autobiography of my spiritual journey.
Have a blessed Wednesday!

© Alison Breskin

Monday, May 11, 2015

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Essence of Love

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Somewhere in the depths of the unknown,
lingers questions, I shall never learn the answers.
But the most important mystery of all,
has been solved with the existence of you -
and your love, is all I need to know,
it makes the rest unimportant.

There are many rivers I won't get to cross,
A thousand miles of sky I will not travel,
There are multiple dreams I will forget.

I will always remember you,
and the distances together we have met.
Our memories stretch beyond the untraveled
connecting a circle of our trust,
more valuable than any silly venture
imparted dry without the essence of love.