Saturday, May 24, 2014

Violet's Kismet

With a new love, strange paranormal experiences, visions about a local crime among schoolmates and her grandmamma remarrying a man Violet is not fond of, life is more complicated than ever. 

Since she gets visits from Angels and other beings, and her mother’s journal says she witnesses the same kind of things, she decides she must see her Grandfather for answers. She skips school with her first love, and encounters a freakish microburst upon arrival. 

She discovers her grandfather is a Mexican Bruja. He tells her the family has prepared her for ‘this moment’ all her life, in dreams, and that she has proven strong enough to face and defeat the Loco Oscuro (The Crazy Darkness) and save the entire family. 

Violet defeats the dark forces with the power of her will, her families love and four helpful ghost soldiers; which turn into brilliant rays of light. Violet’s Grandfather tells her of the harsh personal realities of being a sorceress, and the difficult choices it creates, that may change her life forever. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Golden Winged Euckinorn, Chapter 1, Introduction to the Three Elfin Kingdoms

Once upon a time, a long, long, time ago, before Christ, before the Romans, before Hammurabi's code even, there were three magical, or one, not so magical, and two very magical Elfin kingdoms. There was the Cristies from Crystal Kingdom to the south, The Bings, from the Bing Kingdom to the north, and the Elvies, from the middle of the north and the south Kingdoms. The Elvies didn't exactly call themselves a kingdom, although magically they were the most powerful of the three Elfin societies. The Elvies called their home, Apple Lots. They called their home Apple Lots because they had lots and lots of apple orchards, so naming their civilization Apple Lots only seemed natural.
I've introduced three kingdoms, well, two kingdoms and one somewhat Utopian society, of Apple Lots, if you would call it that. it is hard to say what a Utopian society would actually be like, considering every person, big and small has their own ideas of 'perfection'. But let me first start off by telling you about the Elvies, because the Elvies were the most interesting, the most creative, and the most diversely gathered society of Elves, who were the handsomest the best dancers and, the best lovers.
The Elfin Land of Apple Lots, was well hidden, behind a waterfall and an eskar, a natural wall, which was created originally as the stream bed underneath a glacier. As the water flowed, it filled the opening underneath the glacier with sand and rocks, which made the water need to rise higher, so it melted more of the glacier and deposited more earth.
Eventually, as the glacier melted the river bed, or the eskar, became a naturally occurring wall, separating the Land of the Elvies from the Kingdom to the North, which was the Bing Kingdom, as there were mountains to the east, and mountains to the west, and there was a desert to the south, separating Apple Lots, from the Crystal Kingdom, although the Crystal Kingdom wasn't so much of a threat as the Bing Kingdom was to Apple Lots.
There were lots of pine trees on the eskar, and spruce trees and so it looked like a spined serpent, or a dragon. The elder Elvies called it the Dragon and the younger Elvies called it the Python. The eskar was 60 feet high, and about 20 feet wide on top with very steep sides. The trees would shift as they got heavy, and so they grew out at all different angles over the wall. The Elvies believed that the eskar wall and the mountains, and the desert, were put there by God to protect them from the Bing Kingdom, which was a very sketchy kingdom, not favored by God. The Crystal Kingdom and Apple Lots got along just fine, but the Bing Kingdom and, Apple Lots, let's say, to put it lightly, did not have an understanding. The Bing Kingdom and The Crystal Kingdom were neutral for some time, until The Bings would eventually attempt to invade the Elvies in the Land of Apple Lots. And so it was told, the Crystal Kingdom sided with the land of Apple Lots, to defeat a certain type of evil.
To help you get an idea of just what the Elvies, or the very peaceful Elves from Apple Lots were like, or what it was like to be an Elvie from Apple Lots, here is a poem written by the very beautiful Lady Errina the most creative and mischievous of all the Elvies. Well here it is, and I hope you enjoy this poem, about the very peaceful, very loving, very special Elvies from The Land of Apple Lots, who as you could guess, ate lots and lots of apples!

The Elvies:
About the nice clear, moonlit nights,
in the luscious land of Apple Lots,
near the magic mystic meadows,
The Elvies meet and sing and jot.

The Elvies converse of  days events,
sharing thoughts and making plans.
As the moon continues shining fair,
they're laughing, loving without care.

The Elvies engage in a joyful dance,
the deer join in and the ponies prance.
some dance clunky and step on toes,
some are graceful and it really shows!
The riveting recorder and lute bands,
sound melodies that play perfectly grand!

The Elvies prosperously speak aloud
of angelic love which the heart endows,
sharing caring kind energy, healing all,
spreading bushels of hope, ten feet tall!

Love to every man, animal and elf,
no Elive should ever first put themselves.
No baby abandoned, no child unfed,
no richer or poorer, all equal instead.

A purpose should do good, flourish and grow,
for every Elvie may reap what he sows.
For every born painter, a canvas and brush,
For every born farmer, crops that are lush.

No sick Elvie shall ever be left untreated,
every animal has a job to be completed
every bee pollinates the flowers in spring,
every Elvie stores food in the time of fall
for anticipation of winter's long cold haul.

Every Elvie is to share their grown crops,
and take only as he needs as he shops.
Once weekly, there are Food auctions,
all Elvies work hard and take cautions.

Lady Errina was a fantastic writer! She wrote, and wrote, and wrote, and wrote. In fact, she wrote so much, that she often wondered off to a secret hidden place to write her thoughts. It was a spot, so secret, that she would not share its whereabouts with any of her Elvie brethrin. And when asked where she'd gone off for so long, she'd just smile and say, "None of your business Apple Butts." Funny little gal Lady Errina was, and the Elvies were little, but not so little like a bug, but more like, littler than humans. The Elvies stood about 3 feet tall, and were olive green in complexion. They ate healthy, so they were in good shape, and they exercised frequently, so they were very agile. Why most Elives could outrun a cheetah! Lady Errina was, without a doubt the most magical of all of the Elvies, and for this, no elf knew why, it just was. 
Lady Errina, was an only child, who was raised by her father, as her mother sadly, had passed away while giving birth to her. It was, without a doubt, a tragedy. But before Lady Malia, Lady Errina's mother a very fair Lady indeed, had passed away, she had just one chance, one moment or so, to say hello and goodbye to her beautiful baby.
Lady Malia said to Lady Errina, "You must always love, my beautiful Errina, but you must always laugh in the face of hate, because you must never fear. You are Lady Errina of Apple Lots, and I love you lots and lots, and I will always be with you my dear". And with that, Lady Malia kissed lady Errina on the forehead and passed away. Lady Errina's father, Henry Arian of Apple Lots, was a noble Elvie as all Elvies are, but he was most humble and quaint in his nature, and he of course, loved Lady Errina, very, very much.
Lady Errina was like most Elvies about 3 feet tall, with long fingers, small shoulders, large, and pointy ears, with a pointy nose to match! She had long straight, silky and sometimes wavy black hair, with just a few wisps of hair, which whisked upon her forehead. Lady Errina's eyes were sparkly green, and almost hypnotizing to the Elves, and hypnotizing to some Elves, which was a special talent, since the Elves could not normally hypnotize each other, with their eyes, but they could hypnotize the humans no doubt. 
Lady Errina, of Apple Lots, wore a light pink dress, made of peonies,  pink eye shadow, pink blush, and bright red lipstick. She was small indeed, as all Elvies were small, but her attitude was quite big, it was quite huge! Why, I tel you, she was quick with the wit, and sharp as a newly sharpened knife's tip. She was funny and well, sarcastic, but she was very loving, most of all, as her father had taught her love, and a caring Elive to say the very least. She loved to draw and write, and that was her talent, along with her sparkling green hypnotizing eyes, and her wit, of course, her sharp, sharp wit.
Now, lets move on to the Bing Kingdom, which wasn't nearly like Apple Lots, actually, it was nothing like Apple Lots at all! The people from The Bing Kingdom, in the far north, the coldest Elf kingdom of the three, rudely called the Elves from Apple Lots, the Elvies from Apple Butts.Yes, they were quite rude, as they were angry from all of the oppression they suffered, since their King of Bing, whom the People of The Bing Kingdom, referred to as King Fink, when he wasn't looking, or listening of course. Otherwise, you know, it would have been off to the dark, dark dungeon with them ... Anyways, The Elves of The Bing Kingdom were downright mad about everything, because  they hated their King, since he was not a very smart or compassionate Elfin king, but he was very, very self centered and greedy, that he was.
The King of Bing rarely spoke to his Elves, and when he did, they would boo him, for the most part. Only a few of the Elves would cheer, and the few Elves who would cheer, received perturbed looks from the Elves who would boo. Whenever the King of Bing spoke to his Elves, he would take away more and more of their privileges, and therefore, continually rob the Elves of the Bing Kingdom of their happiness, by robbing them of their freedom. He made them grow more crops, and work harder, so he and his royal family could eat more. And he made them create more so he and his royal family could take more. More, more, more, more more, that was all he and the royal family ever wanted, was more food, more things ... But they were never happy, or nice, regardless of the more they had, the more they had the more they were mad. On a much lighter note, the Elves from Apple Butts called the Elves from The Bing Kingdom, the Fink Kingdom and all of its members, Finks. I said the Elves from Apple Lots were nice, I didn't say they were always 'mature' about things.
The King and Queen of the Bing Kingdom, had two children who were in their mid-teenage years. The son, Prince Dorrance, or Prince Dunce as the Elves of The Bing Kingdom called him, when he wasn't listening, of course, was a rather not so bright elf, and therefore not so interesting, but rather dimwitted and annoying elf. he was Elfish! Or selfish, as the English language would spell! Prince Dorrance had two subjects who he favored, who were not so bright themselves, why, interestingly enough, they were less bright and more Dim then Prince Dunce himself! The Prince's two subjects, would upon the prince's orders, follow him around, as if he was of the utmost important, and in need of body guards. There was Eddie, the first subject, who was not the sharpest branch on the tree, and then there was Teddie, Eddie's brother, the Prince's second subject who made less sense, than a fresh pile of mulch, on top of a cemented ground.
Prince Dorrance, was greedy in deed, just like his parents were greedy, the king and Queen. They had taught him well. He desired to control and thereby own, well, everything!. But what he desired the most, was to locate, once and for all, the Magic Necklace, so he could have his chance at ruling the whole world, or planet at least. And so, Prince Dorrance searched with his stupid, yet loyal subjects, Teddie and Eddie, for the magic necklace. together, the three of them searched high, and low, everyday, but to no avail. He searched everywhere in the Bing Kingdom, vowing never to stop searching until it was found.
They searched houses and ponds, they searched rivers and lawns. They searched everywhere without reservation, entering the homes of Elves, without even knocking! Eventually, the Elves of the Bing Kingdom, would begin to roll their eyes at the quest of Prince Dorrance, and that's when they began to call him Prince Dunce. They never believed he would find it, and, they hoped he never would, because the Magic Necklace held so much power, with someone so greedy, so much power could never be good.
Now, Prince Dunce, I mean Prince Dorrance, had a sister, Princess Polly, who was, if not, by far, much, greedier, and much more controlling than Prince Dunce, I mean Prince Dorrance himself. Where to begin with Princesses Polly, I'm not sure, as she had so many idiosyncrasies, her analyst had no other patients, because she was a full time job. Every time, one little thing, would interfere with her well, ways, her somewhat, how should I say, certain ways, ways that had to be ways, the same ways every day, ways, she called her analyst, to come quickly, as she would lay down on her maroon colored velour day couch fatigued with her hand resting behind her rather large and bobbling head, and tell her tale of woes.
You see, Princess Polly, believed that the world belonged to her. Every morning upon waking she would dance in her over sized bedroom, in the rather extremely large castle of the Bings, singing her very favorite song, made up by her, called 'The World belongs to Me.' It went something a tad like, "the world belongs to me, I am a princess all should bow to me!' and so on, and so, more insufferable singing, as princess Polly did not own a very tuned bag of pipes, especially since she sounded like a paint scraper on a chalk board (Which is worse than finger nails.) Every morning, she would wake up from her king size canopy bed, in her lumpy lavender moo moo dress, stretch out her arms, yawn, stand up, and skip over to the balcony overlooking the Bing kingdom, opening the curtains, and begin to sing her very favorite song. Now, normally in situations like these, in fairy tales, when a girl begins to sing, all of the animals, and creatures of the forest tend to gather round, but not in Princess Polly's case. When Princes Polly, began to sing, all of the flowers would wilt and the animals would scurry away, rather quickly, as if they were scurrying for their lives, from the horrid sound.
The Royal Bing family would gather round at the long, wooden rectangle dining table, which was fifty feet long, and they all would sit far, far away from each other and yell abrasively to one other when they spoke. After breakfast, Prince Dorrance, would travel into town, with his loyal, yet dopey subjects, Teddie and Eddie, while Princess Polly, did her very, very busy things, as she was a very busy, very important Princess, with many bossy type responsibilities. She complained about everything! From breakfast to dinner, until she retreated to her quarters, which all of the servants looked forward to, her departure for the evening's rest. During the day, Princess Polly would incessantly boss around all of her loyal, yet not so enthusiastic subjects. After her morning singing and breakfast, she would stroll out to the courtyard, where her fifty two bird feeders were planted. They were very nicely decorated, bird feeders, of all different colors, and the section of the courtyard that held the fifty two nicely decorated bird feeders, was rather peaceful, except for one no so peaceful fact.
Princess Polly hated when the other small animals, besides the birds, which she called her babies except for the pigeons, which she called filthy and vile names, unfit for print, fed on the bird feeders. All of the other small animals, besides the birds she would call disgusting rats. She would provide a sling shot to every little bully in the kingdom if he would come and try to kill the squirrels, and the pigeons. She would order her subjects to shoot the small unarmed, cute animals who would come anywhere near her bird feeders, and then throw their lifeless bodies in a gully. So, you could imagine, if you had a heart, that this was a rather sad thing for the poor, cute, defenseless small animals, such as the pigeons, squirrels and foxes. And for the most part, the small animals, such as the pigeons, squirrels and foxes, who raided her bird feeders all night long, had gotten wise to Princess Polly's dreadful hatred towards them coming anywhere near her colorful bird feeders, and surely were aware, how she would react to such a thing. And so, the small animals would always have a lookout for such an occurrence. If one of the small animals had gotten caught by Princess Polly's eye, raiding any one of her bird feeders, many small animals would come to his rescue. The small animals besides the birds who were not pigeons, would scurry when they saw Polly's roundish body approaching, much like they would scurry when they heard her singing her very favorite song.
After Making her mid morning round to the courtyard where the fifty two bird feeders were planted, with several of her unhappy, yet groveling subjects trailing along, one, holding up the long train of her outlandish and ruffly dress, Princess Polly would retreat to the recreational room, where she would have the Flute band, play the same song, over and over again for several hours until lunch. She would sing along, to the same song, and it sounded worse than nails on a chalkboard. The subjects which she had join her for the daily concerts, would smile, and nod, pretending that she had a good voice, but they actually were very perturbed by her off key singing, and when she wasn't looking, they would turn to each other and make 'eek' faces with great big buggy eyes. The flute band, which she had play the same song for several hours each day, between breakfast and lunch, would grow tired of playing. Although their fingers would often blister, she would make them continue to play. This made them very unhappy, but the band members did their best to put on a smile as they played. Every time the song would finish, she would command, 'Again again!' clapping as if it was the best song on earth, and she truly believed it was. Everyone else grew tired of the repeating song, but they had to pretend that they liked it, and even more, that it was their very favorite song on earth, otherwise, Princess Polly would have them thrown into the dark, dark, dungeon.
During the bands playing, Princess Polly would read Elves Life Magazine, a magazine, which covered the gossip and news in all of the three kingdoms. Every time Princess Polly read some news about Lady Errina, she would turn her nose up and talk about how much better she was than Lady Errina for hours, and it was such a bore for her subjects, but of course, they had to agree, and they had to nod yes to whatever Princess Polly said, otherwise they were thrown into the deep dark dungeon, most likely forgotten about for months, even years!Princess Polly, was needless to say, very jealous of Lady Errina, and for good reason. Lady Errina, was very well loved, and very popular throughout all of the three kingdoms, some would be jealous of her popularity, beauty, extreme magic,  and undeniable intelligence. Princess Polly was rather portly, she ate throughout most of the day, sweets, fruits, meats, vegetables, and drank much, much wine. Mostly while she sitting in her big and comfy thrown listening to the flute band, play the same song, over and over again day in and day out. She was an Elf of habit, and it showed! She had very short, white, spiky hair, but, often wore big hats, heavily decorated with fresh flowers and lace, sometimes with fresh fruits, which she would reach up and nosh upon while walking in the courtyard.
Princess Polly would enjoy a rather large lunch, eating voraciously as if she had never eaten a meal before. She demanded things as she ate, more this, more that! and the subjects ran in and out of the kitchen to the dining room to serve her insatiable and gluttonous needs, but she was never, ever satisfied. And she never, ever, said thank you. Not once did she thank a single soul, for any of the things which they had done for her. In addition to being insatiably gluttonous, she was a very ungrateful and portly elf, who did not care that most of the civilian Elves of The Bing Kingdom, were practically starving. After lunch in the early afternoons, Princess Polly would make her round around the castle to count her four hundred and sixty two wind chimes. And as you can imagine, when the wind blew, it would get pretty noisy. The sound of the wind chimes, would reverberate throughout the whole entire Bing Kingdom. followed by her subjects, she would walk the castles circumference, where hung her four hundred and sixty two wind chimes, chiming about with every gust of wind.
Sometimes, if a big enough gust of wind came about, many nearby elves in the Bing Kingdom, would have to pause and wait for the gust of wind  to blow over, before resuming talking, because not a word could be heard over the chiming noise. All of the wind chimes were very beautiful and very well hand crafted, just as the bird houses were beautiful and hand crafted as well, but alas, perhaps a bit much in excess of one or the other, or both, and this was one of the many idiosyncrasies Princess Polly was widely known for, throughout all of the three Elfin kingdoms, as well as her unhidden jealously of Lady Errina.
The King of the Bing Kingdom, and the Queen of the Bing Kingdom, were parents without backbones. They gave their children, the Prince and the Princess, whatever they wanted and never, ever said no. They had become so powerless over their children's demanding and outright unfriendly behavior towards the subjects and civilians, that even when they tried to gain control over their children's unruly behavior, they failed miserably, and it was quite embarrassing for the both of them, as their lack of discipline and social skills deemed them as the worst rulers of the worst Elf Kingdom of the three, as reported in Elf Life magazine.
The Prince of The Bing Kingdom, Prince Dorrance, had been relentlessly searching for the magic necklace with his two subjects, Teddie and Eddie since his early teenage years at best. Every Elf in the Bing kingdom, and the other two kingdom's as well, were tired of Prince Dorrance's obnoxious obsession with finding the magic necklace. I mean, it was all he ever talked about, and accused many an Elf, of hiding the magic necklace from him and he was always suspicious and on the prowl, looking for it.
The Bings were very hard workers, in fact, work became the most important thing to them and their rulers amassed a fortune in things, like gold and art, and silver and coal. And all the things that one can use, to gain monetary wealth. But it was things like mechanical things, and they were jealous of the Elvies who tended to be artistic and the Bings were not that artistic. The Bings had a bigger palace, but it wasn't well decorated, except for the outside, which was cluttered with Bird houses and wind chimes. The Bings didn't have the artistic abilities that the Elvies had, so they developed an inferiority complex.
There were three magical items, The Golden Winged Euckinorn, The magic Necklace, and the Crystal. The Golden winged Euckinorn, only worked for the elvies, so it was required to have Elvie blood to get the Golden Winged Euckinorn to perform magic, itself. The Golden Winged Euckinorn, was the most magical, and powerful of the three objects, because the Elvies were the most magical and powerful of the three Elfin Kingdoms. The magic Necklace, belonged to the Bing Kingdom, and The reason the Bings lost their magic necklace was because it wanted to get lost! It was ashamed of things The Bings were doing, and so, it got itself lost! Each of the three magical items, had a magical being within it, or attached to it somehow and those magical beings when put together, could perform, absolutely amazing magic. There was a level of magic in each one, but it tended to loose it’s strength and will when it was abused. Meaning if any Elf should intend for it to do things that were against its nature. Although the Bings, believed they were the most powerful Kingdom, they were actually, the least powerful kingdom of the three. The Bings believed, they deserved the most power, and that would lead to an eventual attack on The land of Apple Lots, by the Bings.
It was the Elvies who actually created all three of the magical objects. The reason the Elder Elvies created the three magical objects, was because a massive army of human men, had attacked the three Elfin Kingdoms, centuries before. They used the Golden Winged Euckinorn, which is most powerful with the Magic Necklace, and the Magic Crystal, to repel the massive army of human men. Once the Elvies had defeated them, as well as defending the other two Elfin kingdoms, they decided, it was best to give the magic Necklace to the Bing Kingdom, and the Magic Crystal to the Crystal Kingdom, as a gesture of good faith, that they would join in an alliance and never attack one another.
The magic Crystal could only be used by a Cristie or someone who had Cristie blood. anyone else without Cristie blood, who tried to use it, would be unable to do so. The reason the Crystal wouldn't work unless commanded by a Cristie, was because it was filled with a magical being from another dimension, which only responded to Cristie blood. This is the way, the Elvies planned it, so that no one Kingdom could ever get too much power on its own. The Golden Euckinorn alone, only worked for the Elvies. it was the most powerful object of the three. The Magic Necklace, was the least powerful object, since the Bings were the least powerful group, but it only worked for The Bings.
The Bings did not consider their elders to be important. They looked down upon them, as if they were crazy. The the Cristies and the Elvies treated their elders as if they were sacred, because they were. For a while, the Bing Elders had been moving to live with the Cristies and the Elvies. Eventually, The Bings own elders would turn against them and that would make all of the difference. Because even with the power of all of the three objects, they could not defeat the power of all three groups of elders.
The Cristies were the most spiritual group of Elves, they were nomadic, and they lived in decorative tents in the warmer southern regions. They tended to spend most of their time commuting with nature, developing medicines and healing processes, and they had a special affinity to crystals as they had a crystal cavern, which was their sacred temple. The Cristies had no interest in taking over any other kingdom because that would reduce their time for spirituality and they don’t want that, as they were peaceful, and content with what they had. The Elvies spent most of their time in artistic type pursuits and so they were also not interested in war type things. But the Bings who had an inferiority complex, desired to rule the world, in order to prove themselves worthy and valuable. Since they are unable to establish a value for themselves through their work.

End Chapter 1.

ALison Breskin Bio

Born in NJ, Alison Breskin is a nurse, a continuing nursing student, co-owner of Shoestring Book Publishing, where she designs books, and Treasurer/Publications coordinator for a non profit organization: the International Poetry Fellowship; Poets publishing poetsBirdsongs of Poetry and Birdsongs of Poetry 2 her first two poetry books, rough around the edges, entail reactions to her father’s drug-addiction and death, teenage love and/or infatuation, confusion about life and misguided angst in general. Waking Spirit Dreams and Waking Spirit Dreams 2 By Alison Breskin include spiritual and love poetry, showing much growth as a being of light and love. Since 2012 she has realized why she was was so hurt and angry most of her life. She held onto anger from the past. She was miraculously healed by conversations with a friend and wrote a self-help book The Artistry of LIFE Knocking on the WHITE DOORHeartwarming haiku by Alison Breskin includes haiku and senryu poems, with an educational tutorial and fun practice writing exercises in the English haiku and senryu form. Her first children's parable, picture book is titled, The Habits of Rabbits.  Heartpieces Songbook by Alison Breskin, was written during a time of soulful heartbreak. Oranges and Sailboats, is a chapbook of spiritual/love poetry. She has also written a junior science fiction/paranormal novel, called Violet's Kismet. And is now working on a junior novella, called The Golden Winged Euckinorn. She also plans to write two more books in the series, Violet's Kismet, and at least one more book in the self-help series, The Artistry of Life.