Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Aint' Nobody Got Time Fer Love'

Ain't nobody got time for love
undying love and all dat,
not yo sista, or yo brotha,
yo motha' or yo baby dad ...

Gotta walk to werk,
get da laundry did,
gotta do dat  twerk
gotta watch da kids.

Ain't nobody got time fer love ...
Ain't nobody got time 
for undying love,
gotta pay da bills,
eat-n- stuff
gotta get yer drink on,
mow da lawn ...

Ain't nobody got time
Aint' nobody got a minute,
Aint' nobody got a hour,
Ain't nobody got time fer love ...
wedding rings -n- all dat shit,
ain't nobody got time fer anotha,
not yo sista or yo brotha,
gotta go to school,
gotta get a edumacation,
AInt' nobody got time fer relationships
gotta get paid,
gotta do dat shit!

Gotta watch tv
play video games
gotta pack yo GATT
sleep all day.

Aint' nobody got time fer love,
not your high school teacher,
not yo baby mamma
not your church's preacher,
or the lamp post hooka'
cause she gotta get paid ...

he gotta get paid,
we gotta get paid ...
we gotta get paid!

we got paid ...

Aint' no time to get laid
when we gotta get paid!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

so die

and the night ...

is a thousand breaths

of glass shards

and fluffy clouds

the shards wrapped

in the clouds

and I lay my head

on the hopes of finding

that one pillow

i can lay my head

that moon beams shed

the sadness

because God,

all i do is pray

on a yellow coat tail of dreams

fucking dreams

and i could have the softest sheet

of cotton

but i would still cut myself

with the shards of yesterday's 

sleepless nights

over and over again

with all of the gold and riches

with nothing but cold feet


i want my head to fall upon 

the softest dreams

and i lay my days

on dreams

fucking dreams

goddamed dreams

what is real?

then i see the light

dangling on my fingertips

in pink skin

i touch those dreams

my car breaks down

father dies

the winter drags on

and i say fuck you problems

you are not real

i am real

so die


Sunday, March 2, 2014

Violet's Kismet

A girl, who lost her parents, lives with Grandmamma and her fat black cat, Violet Varden is like every other teenage girl at her school. She is just getting interested in boys, loves to shop, is just learning to drink coffee and is discovering she has supernatural powers. Well, maybe not as normal as every other girl at her school. Violet has a whole other set of issues most girls do not. She will have to come to terms with them even as she struggles through the normal trials and tribulations of puberty. Violet Varden, born to rid the world of a certain type of Evil, discovers one day she has abilities which are not normal. 

Imagine just starting sophomore year of High School and finding out your parents, who have been missing for seven years are still alive and very interested in coming home, that you can levitate your new boyfriend and control the weather, and that an entire family of sorcerers is depending on you to fight a massive demon for them. Such is the life of Violet Varden, heroine of the book Violet's Kismet. She witnesses a murder that took place months ago, gets regular visits from a crazy angel and has exciting encounters one after another with friends and strangers alike. 

Eventually, she visits her grandfather who guides her to fight a massive demon to save her extended family. Yet, Violet remains calm and cool as if nothing out of the ordinary is happening. This is the reason she is the chosen one to fight the demon. Only someone who can remain cool in the line of fire is strong enough to defeat a dark demon. See how Violet is the epitome of a regular person hurled into abnormal situations not of her own making and triumphs, not because she is special, but because she does not think of herself as special and simply takes everything as it comes. It is a story you will not want to end.