Thursday, February 27, 2014

I'm not an Alcoholic (I Swear!)

My very first Beergarita at Applebee's. Apparently, the beer is supposed to release itself into the glass as you drink. However, since the beer stayed in the bottle the whole time, it is my impression that they did not use the right glasses. Bad Applebee's. I've been told that Ruby Tuesdays uses the right glasses and has much cooler Beergaritas.

This is me at Fiddlehead restaurant in Bangor Maine. Notice the lady in the background and her strange expression. Perhaps this was due to the earlier alcohol abuse I committed when I spilled more than half a Blueberry Margarita by bumping my elbow into it. Needless to say I was very sad and had to order another one. 

Allan's Ichiban meal, raw tuna, red snapper and salmon! I actually tasted one of each and it was not that bad! When you mix a little wasabi on it it really gives it an interesting flavor. Just don't use more than a pea sized dollop of wasabi, or if you do, be careful not to breathe out of your nose!

Here is what I had at Ichiban. I had no idea what to order, since I had never eaten sushi before, so Allan ordered for me. California Maki, to the bottom right, which is crab and avacado. For appetizers we had Salmon Maki, which was better than the California Maki, but they were both tasty!

Saki at Ichibaon in Bangor Maine. It was my first time having Sushi and Saki!

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fast and Fun Book Publishing!

Shoestring Book Publishing designs and self-publishes books internationally to Amazon!

Shoestring Book Publishing will edit, proofread, format, and self publish your book for about a third or less of the price of most other book designers, including createspace, Authorhouse Lulu! We publish poets and novelists who otherwise couldn't afford to have their book prepared for publishing and self published!

Shoestring Book Publishing is an inexpensive means to self publish books and information manuals. If you write poetry, short stories, essays, novels, or non-fiction and wish to make them available to the public for sale or just for friends and family members to read, we do everything from editing, proofreading, graphic design, book formatting, typesetting, ghost writing, book proposals and help with self publishing and marketing tips. The cost for most books is only $5 per page. Authors receive 10% off their first book! 

Shoestring Book Publishing Website