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Lulu's Harback Book Options

Hard Cover Book Options Through Lulu
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24 pages is the minimum, and 740 pages is the maximum pages allowed for Hard covers that come in 6 x 9 inches and 8.25 x 10.75 inches. Dust Jacket and case wrap available. Only the 6 x 9 is Available for Global Reach Distribution and sale on as well as Barnes & and the Lulu Bookstore. The 8.25 x 10.75, is only available for sale on the Lulu bookstore.

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Package Deals & Pricing Summary

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Amazing Deals on Publishing a Book!!! Unbelievable!!!

Amazing deals on Publishing a book!!! Unbelievable!!!

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Beautifully Loved

Skin, covers our energies,
like a rug,
warms a floor -
your heart is warm
inside of a soft skin

and I

am dreaming

yet, I know this is real.
This is something I can feel
between my toes
the shag of the carpet
and the burns

that are soon to follow.
from falling,
in love with you
and laying on the
in our skin

two glasses,
a bottle of something
and every intention
on sleeping the
morning in.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Submitting your Book To Barnes & Nobles

All you have to do is print the Book Proposal & Author's biography. Then place that and a copy of the book in an envelope and send it to:

The Small Press Department
Barnes & Noble
122 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10011

And Viola! You've Submitted your book to Barnes & Noble, congratulations!

How to follow your dream, in a world full of non-dreamers

In this day in age an independent author can self-publish a book totally for free. The only aspect that would require any investment made into it would be the grueling hours, (Days, weeks, months, years …) spent designing a book, self-publishing and the subsequent marketing of the book. Because let’s face it, time is money, and let’s not forget the time spent actually writing the book in the first place! I’ve written two novels, and self-published several books, so I know from firsthand experience, what it’s like.

Precious time aside, becoming a published author is like executing any other dream; the writing, designing, publishing and marketing of a book is going to take perseverance, dedication, a whole lot of coffee and some sleepless nights, (if your anything like me …). Most of all, it’s going to take tender love and care. Nurturing a book is like raising a baby. At first it sucks a lot, but then, as you culminate and learn how to become a finer writer, dedicating a myriad of hours building your story equipping it for the world at large, you will feel proud as you watch your baby grow! Okay, maybe learning how to become a good writer is not as difficult as raising a child, but it sure takes a heap load of time, effort, and most of all love.

Throughout all of the coffee, sleepless nights and occasional frustration I concur it’s completely worth it to raise a book, (I mean write) if that is your dream. Imagine how proud you will feel when you see your book on, Barnes and or even on a shelf in an actual bookstore! Squee! Wouldn’t it be worth it, to invest your time, into self-publishing your very own work of art, imagine other people, reading and enjoying your book! Imagine someone coming up to you, thanking you for your story, because it helped them cope with their own life with much more ease. That to me is priceless.

But there is one more ingredient in the raising of your baby, I mean writing of your book that is the most important one. Without this ingredient, your book will not be complete. It will be like chili without chili powder, hot wings without the hot sauce, cheese fries without the cheese. The secret ingredient to accomplish anything in this life is to believe in you. If you attempt to write a book, but you do not believe in yourself, your book will be like the chili without the chili powder, it will not be chili, it will just be meat sauce and beans.

You are going to suck at writing when you begin to write at first. Unless you are to writing as Mozart is to music! Just because you aren’t writing novels like Mark Twain or Louis Carroll from the first time you fasten your fingers to the keyboard and type, do not fret! Just like raising a baby, writing a book takes time. There are two ways to raise a child; with love and care and without love and care. I suspect if you are going to invest precious time into writing a book that the love and care is present in your heart. All you need to do is believe and the book will grow into something you will one day be calling up friends and family members on the phone, letting them know your book was born, ready to celebrate!

The first thing you should do before writing your book is write an outline to the story you intend to write. This was the absolute hardest part for me. Why? Probably for the same reason anyone who wants to write a book but hasn’t started yet writing one yet would agree; because I couldn’t focus long enough to conjure up a whole story in my head. Even if I would begin fathoming an idea, the thought would be fluttering off like a butterfly before I could catch it. So why on earth would I go through all of that trouble to write a book? Why would I continually race through the field after my butterfly of dreams? Because I believed I could catch it and that is why I continued to chase after it, but also because I was willing to let my writing suck, for a considerably long time! You must be willing to suck, suck and suck some more!

So, back to writing an outline, if you can’t write one, just begin to write a story and see what comes along. As I began to write my first fiction novel, Violet’s Kismet, I had written a few chapters and then let it sit for about a year before returning to it again. When I went back to continue writing it, I knew that it sucked. It was horrible. Now, maybe it wasn’t that bad, although I’m convinced it was, but I knew it wasn’t nearly as good as I wanted it to be. Honestly, it didn’t frustrate me. The frustration was resultant of the sleepless nights, when I would ‘get on a roll’ and start writing 10 – 20,000 words in a day. I became exhausted both physically and mentally! But my story was growing up to be something that would well in my chest each day with more pride. I’m not saying it is a smart idea to stay up all night writing, just because you’re hot on the trail with your story. Ideally, you should find a balance, and balance is still something I seek when I peruse any one of my dreams, like writing. You should never obsess over anything, but you should be consistent and persistent in perusing your goals. Perhaps when I write my third or fourth novel, I will attain this balance I seek. For now, there’s coffee!

I began writing my first fiction novel, without an outline. I was lucky enough to meet a friend who would find interest in my story and begin giving me outlines for the following chapters after the ones I would read to him, bit by bit. Without his help, my story had no chili powder. There was no plot. I also separated myself from a fictitious world I had built up around me, which was stunting my growth  as a budding writer. I decided to surround myself with creative people, people who create, as inspiration to learn and with any hope grow into a rose. This community of creative people who would inspire me manifested from an online writing site. You see, I spent the first 25 years of my life, without any direction. In my heart, I was ‘seeking’ but I wasn’t ‘doing’ anything to create, besides writing some emotion driven poems here and there. Some would call them ‘emo’ poems. I always ‘liked’ to write, but there was always another little voice deep down inside of me, that didn’t approve of anything that I wrote. The voice of judgement, (or the ego.) Even when I was of childhood age, the very first journal I began to keep. I judged everything, from my handwriting, to the things I was writing. I had a constant cloud of insecurity about writing, even though I had a desire to write.

And now here is where all of you dream slackers should pay close attention; anyone who has a dream, but doesn’t have the courage to culminate it. I allowed myself to be belittled by someone who was not a creative person. Sure, he had the potential to be creative, everyone does. We all have a special hidden talent somewhere that needs to be nurtured to grow. He’d spend his time using things that other people created to entertain himself, like video games and TV. He expressed interest in creating things, but really never created anything, then he would bully me, that I didn’t do anything, that I didn’t have a hobby. I would say yes I do, I write poetry, and he would shun my passion for poetry impaling my heart with his smithy words of hate for what I loved.

When I was a child, heck, all of my life growing up as an adolescent into adulthood, my parents we not creative, nor were they college educated. I wished that they were at least creative, or more interested in encouraging me to be creative. My mother was vain (Still is) and verbally and physically aggressive. My father who has passed, was addicted to narcotics. I’m certainly not complaining, because everything that’s happened in my life has taught me to be the person I am today.  I just wised my whole life, that I was surrounded by peaceful creators, not whiny complainers! I certainly will not deny I haven’t been whiny or a complainer in my lifetime. There was a certain ingredient I was not getting in my life, which I desired the flavor. Did you ever get that feeling, that your parents didn’t have any idea who you were, or still don’t know who you are to this day? I had that feeling my whole life. I was always hiding from my parents destructive behaviors, and unfortunately despite my best efforts not to, picked up a few of them along the way. What I am talking about here, is living a life in secret. That is what I did, I had/have feeling, beliefs, that I never knew how to express, because I had never been taught how to do so. I lived ‘inside’ of myself. I allowed people to make their own judgements of me; “stupid, blonde, ditz, helpless, and so on. I allowed people to say these things about me, never knowing how to stick up for myself. But the worst part is, I let the insecure voice, believe all of these things, and I encouraged these judgements by nervously laughing them off. Yet I grew sadder inside each day, because there was still that other little voice, saying you are not these things that people say you are, you are better than this, you are smart, and you can help yourself. I hadn’t applied myself through most of school, or received very good grades. I did not go to college right after high school. I didn’t continue my education until my mid-twenties, when I went to nursing school.

I did what I did, and I became who I had become for two reasons. Part of it was that I was a product of my environment, and the other part of it was, that part of me refused to believe I was a part of the environment. I received poor marks throughout most of school, because I had no ambition to take school seriously. It was not because I was stupid. But I allowed people to think that of me and I actually began to believe I was less valuable than other ‘smarter’ more accomplished people. I could have focused on school and done well, I just didn’t want to. When I was five years old, in kindergarten, I was ranked as having a high IQ, and placed in the advanced reading group, (While other children had play time.) I was nearly placed in gifted and talented. But as an older child, I didn’t want to go home, ever. I wanted to be as far away from the screaming, yelling, fighting, physical abuse, anger, hate, substance abuse, as possible. That’s what it really was. I gained a wonderful circle of friends, although I was not popular, or considered ‘smart’ in high school. Inside, I was always ‘worried’ I would be embarrassed by the activities that went on in my home. I couldn’t gather concentration there or anywhere really. I was a space cadet, in a way, looking to the stars, hoping for a change, searching for hope.

The one thing that I did have was poetry. I had writing. I had a pen and a paper, and my thoughts. So I wrote poetry as an outlet for my emotions; my sadness, confusion, anger, lust … all of the things that I was going through without any proper guidance. I had guidance all along, in my heart. I had mimicked my mother’s behavior on occasion, physically attacking my younger sister out of anger. Later on, when I became an adult, I would carry such guilt for my actions. I had done a lot of soul searching, (and it wasn’t easy). I had to learn to forgive myself as I regretted these behaviors. There was that voice there; deep down inside of me that would rear its unforgiving head. “How could you do that to your sister? What’s wrong with you? How would you like it if someone beat the crap out of you? Oh, wait someone already did, and it’s your mom. You’re just like your mother, you should be ashamed of yourself. How can you be like the very person you aim to be so different from? You’re a failure …”  and so on. I had to learn to forgive myself for all of the things I had done out of hate and anger, or else, I was just like ‘them’. Writing was my outlet; it was through poetry that I discovered who my true self was. That and a wonderful person by the name of Allan Emery.

Yet, I still wrote poetry, despite the discouragement I received from the bullies. I continued to think I loved the ‘bully’ and that he was far above me and I was way below him. I allowed myself to become this person that was intellectually in superior. But there was still a little voice, deep down inside of me, that said, “No you’re not!” The truth of the matter was, that I was allowing myself to be bullied into believing I was too stupid to create anything, like a book, because I didn’t know how to stand up for myself. No one had ever taught me how to do so.

After I had graduated nursing school and had become much wiser as I was privy to a valued understanding of the human condition psychologically, I began my search for an even deeper understating of myself, and why others act as bullies. A bully is someone who is unhappy with their own self. It makes them feel better to bully other people by devaluing their worth. This builds the bully up into something false that suffices their mind, or ego I should say; for their fallacies. It is self-projection. So how do we, the bullied, defeat the bullies? The answer is, with the truth. Once you have a tight grip on the understanding of what truth really is, your life will only begin to improve from there and you will begin to heal.

I allowed the bully to bully me, because despite it all, I was a loving soul who’d take pity on the bully. I silenced my ‘good’ voice, because it was easier that way. There would be less yelling, less threatening everything would seem that much more peaceful. But there was such conflict inside of my heart. I allowed myself to be bullied. I believed for a very long time that I was stupid, because that is what the bully told me I was. The only thing that saved me, was knowing deep down inside, there was always this little voice, telling me that I was not stupid that I was actually very smart and capable of creating many things. That voice was my spirit, or my ’real self. We are all more than one person inside, we are fragmented.

In addition to writing a fiction novel I’ve written a self-help novel called The Artistry of Life: Knocking on the WHITE DOOR. This is not a shameless plug. I am telling you my story. I am telling you how I found my voice/freedom in a sea of sharks; sharks that wanted to eat every dream I ever had, because the sharks were hungry for their own fake/false validation.

What I am getting at is, as adults, we are responsible for who we surround ourselves with. If we surround ourselves with people who are going to hold us back rather than help us grow, that is our own fault. Regardless of any excuse we can think of; such as, but this person NEEDS me, because … Stop right there. It doesn’t matter why someone else NEEDS you, if they are making you unhappy and stopping you from furthering your dream, CUT THE CHORD! Don’t worry that person won’t make it without you, don’t give into selfish threats of suicide in your absence or whatever else this person holding you back from accomplishing  your dream, which might spew from their mouths of egotism. Just do what you have to do to get out of there. If you have to leave without saying a word, then go. Simply make a plan to leave and execute! If you weren’t helping that person or people in your life become better happier people, despite your best efforts, then you are doing them a favor by leaving. If you are an adult, and you have a dream that the people who are closest to you in your life only berate, make a plan and leave.

With that being said, you must always follow your heart. If there is a little voice, way deep down inside of you, saying you can do this, this is your destiny, do what you have to, to listen to that voice. Create, do, be who you were meant to be. Write down your story. Don’t be embarrassed! Chances are there are many people going through the same hardships as you are. There are billions of people in this world. No matter how ‘alone’ you may feel there IS someone out there who will understand you.

I am writing this book, in an honest effort to assist independent authors with self-publishing and make the process of putting a book onto Amazon as simple and painless as possible! When I say painless, I am not exaggerating that the process of self-publishing can be painfully difficult if you’ve never self-published a book before. The amount of time that I’ve spent researching how to design a book and self-publish is insurmountable. That is why, I say, to self-publish your own manuscript the only aspect you need to incorporate financially, is your time, because that is where self-publishing will cost you. It will be well worth your time to read this book, if you are an aspiring writer, with a dream to self-publish. I will not only teach you how to self-publish your own book, but I will give you marketing tips as well. So pour a glass of wine, but not too much (Don’t want you to fall asleep!) cuddle up in a soft blanket and have a seat, this is going to be a smooth read.

Thank you for reading Chapter one, of 'How To Follow Your Dream, In A World Full OF Non-Dreamers. Please subscribe to my blog, if you enjoyed my story. This is chapter one, and there will surely be more to come about following your dream as a writer, and learning how to design a book, self-publish and marketing.