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How to Self Publish For Free

When self publishing your book through createspace, Listing your book only on the createspace estore will produce the lowest minimum list price possible. When you select amazon.com the minimum list price for distribution will increase by 33.3% of whatever the initial minimum list price is through createspace.

For example:

Minimum list price for 124 page full color book listed on the createspace estore is 11.92. Listing your book through createspace only on the createspace estore, will produce the lowest minimum list price possible.

Minimum list price for a 124 page book with full color listed on Amazon.com is 15.89 

Minimum list price for a book published through any one, a combination of, or all three of createspaces "Expanded Distribution Channels" such as, Bookstores and Online Retailers, Libraries and Academic Institutions, and Createspace Direct will increase the minimum list price of your book by, 50%.

Minimum list price for 124 page full color book through Createspaces Expanded Distribution Package is 23.83. That's double the initial minimum list price for said books, sold through createspace alone.

Whatever the minimum list price is for your book, anything you choose to mark the book up from there is all profit. Depending on which channel your book is sold through, will determine the royalties that you receive. Let's say you chose the Expanded distribution Package for your book, and you priced your book at 24.99, since the minimum list price for the EDP is 23.83. Someone purchases your book at the list price of 24.99 through the createspace estore, you will earn 13.07, for the sale of your book, since the minimum list price for your book sold through the createspace estore is 11.92. Let's say a company purchases one of your books at wholesale through createspace Direct, you would earn 1.16 in royalties, since the minimum list price for that channel is 23.83.

This all falls under the stipulation, that you've chosen createspaces 'free ISBN' for your book. Your book must have an assigned ISBN, in order to be sold through any distribution channel. 

A distribution channel is any one of the sales avenues I mentioned earlier, such as the channels which fall under createspaces standard distribution package such as the createspace estore, Amazon.com, Amazon Europe; and all of the channels that fall under the free expanded distribution package that createspace now offers, such as bookstores and online retailers, libraries and academic imstitutions, and Createspace Direct. 

It is certainly a good deal to choose the free ISBN which createspace offers, if you have a restricted budget for self publishing your book. I mean, what could be a better deal, then a free ISBN and an opportunity to publish your book through createspace to any one of the distribution channels mentioned earlier, if you choose that free ISBN.

What are the restrictions to choosing the free ISBN that createspace offers? Well, if you choose to publish your hearts treasure using the free createspace assigned ISBN, you may only use that free createspace assigned ISBN as long as your book is published through createspace. 

But what if I self publish my book through createspace using the free createspace assigned iSBN, and a year later, my book is finnally accepted for publication by a large or small press, what do I do then? The answer to that is simple. You may unpublish your self published book with createspace at any time. Simply go to your message center under the box that is titled as my account to the right of your screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the page at your message center and click contact support. There is a yellow envelope next to the words contact support. Choose what createspace can help you with. In this case, we are retiring a title. You would click on more options and choose retiring a title. From here you may send createspace an email. Just include the title id and request that the title be retired. From there you can inform the press who has agreed to publish your book that your book has been retired from createspace and the book may be assigned a new ISBN from that publisher.

ISBN stands for international standard book number. It is similar to what an American citizens social security number is to them. Only a social security number is permanent for each person from birth to death. An ISBN may be retired from a book and a new ISBN may be assigned to that book. Essentially an ISBN serves the same purpose to a book as a social security number serves to an American citizen. It is a identifier. If you are publishing a second addition or a new addition to your book you will need to assign a new ISBN.

ISBN's are only assigned to books. The book may be printed, audio or electronic. A paperback version and a hardcover version of the same book title will each need to have its own ISBN assigned. An ebook or an electronic book does not always have to have an ISBN. When publishing an ebook through amazons kindle direct publishing it is not required that you assign an isbn to that ebook, however you may assign an isbn to the ebook you are publishing through kdp if you like. 

To assign an isbn to an ebook published through kdp, you will need to have purchased your own isbn. Kindle does not offer free ISBN's for ebooks. Even if you go directly through createspace after publishing a paperback version of your book. You must have an account with Amazon to sign up for kdp and publish an ebook. Most publisher's do not assign ISBN's to ebooks. Someone selling an isbn may encourage you purchase an isbn for an ebook, but I see no need to do so. As of today it is an ongoing question with publishers if it makes sense  to assign an isbn to an ebook economically or if there is any logic behind it at all.

If you decide you'd like to purchase your own isbn for your book foregoing the free isbn that createspace offers (other arbitrary self publisher like lulu also assigns free isbns to books and now offers free expanded distribution as well.) then you can visit the isbn identifier bowker. There are lots of other places you can purchase your own isbn from besides Bowker, but be aware that in order for online bookstores, libraries and other distributors to be able to locate your book in an online database like ingram, your books information must be listed through bowker with the isbn it is associated with. 

If you purchase one or more isbns through a second hand seller of isbns check first if they will enter that information for you. Whoever purchases the isbns through bowker will be listed as the publisher. The only way to add the information of the book youve chosen to associate your isbn with is through bowkers my identifier. You must first have an account with bowker to purchase an isbn, therefore you must be the one who has purchased the isbn to enter the books information into bowkers my identifier associated with the isbn.

The advantage to createspace offering a free ISBN is that they will be listed as the publisher for your book. It's free advertisement for them and they also earn more royalties when your book is sold through the expanded distribution channels. 

If you were to purchase your own isbn through bowker for 125.00, you could list your book to the expanded distribution channels createspace offers through bowkers my identifiers and not have to mark up the minimum list price of your book by fifty percent, keeping the selling price down and your profits up. 

The cost for ten SBN's is 250.00. The more you buy, the lower the price of each isbn in the bundle. If you wish to self publish and have the extra money to purchase your own isbn through bowker it is a great idea. 

If you only plan on publishing a paperback version of your book you will only need one isbn. If you plan to publish a hardcover and an audio version of the same book you will need an individual isbn for each version of your book. 

You will also need a barcode for books which may be sold physically in stores like a paperback and a hardcover. If you choose to assign an isbn to your ebook you will not need a barcode since it is an electronic book not sold in physical book stores and does not need to be scanned for pricing. Bowker offers barcodes for 25.00 each, but of you are computer savvy you can simply Google for a free barcode generator and generate your own barcode for free.

There are many companies like createspace and lulu that will offer you a free isbn and distribution. The difference will be the royalties each company takes for the sales of your book through all of the different channels. 

Createspace is the first time self publishing indie authors gold mine. You don't need a penny to publish through createspace or lulu and you will earn royalties on each book sold. You can set the price to whatever you wish it to be as long as it is above the minimum list price. You may change the price of your book at any time. 

Printing is print on demand so you do not have to purchase a large quantity of your books and sell them or distribute them on your own. Each time someone orders your book through createspace estore or one of their distribution channels the book is printed to order.

If you have an abundance in cash and wish to self publish you can purchase your own isbn through bowker so that you may make a healthier profit on the expanded distribution channels through creaesapce.

If you are an indie author with an empty piggy bank, lnterested in publishing your first baby, I mean book, and you wish to make your book immediately available to the public you can do so for free through createspace and many other self publishing arbitrators which can be discovered by Google bing or any handy search engine available on your computer.

All you need to publish is a book and a dream. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

thirsting for absoluteness


sunless months-
dead cacti
pricking us,
you, me; calamity, 
colliding thoughts
sips from the cup
of martyrdom 
thirsting for 


traveled on
separate roads
from a polluted distance
i, tire of this journey
can we make mole hills


sun peaks through clouds
glancing upward
raindrops descend 
into the mouths of solitude 
and we realize,
we can't figure this out alone.
the cacti are reborn
we will prick ourselves once more.
but for now;
appreciate the 


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Notes From Another Self - Bigger so That Kastor Can Read

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Lulu Free Shipping Code

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My Short Biography

Born in NJ, Alison Breskin is a nurse, a continuing nursing student, co-owner of Shoestring Book Publishing where she designs books and Treasurer/Publications coordinator for a non profit organization; the International Poetry FellowshipPoets publishing poetsBirdsongs of Poetry and Birdsongs of Poetry 2 entail reactions to her father’s drug-addiction and death, teenage love and/or infatuation, confusion about life and misguided angst. Waking Spirit Dreams and Waking Spirit Dreams 2 By Alison Breskin include spiritual poetry. Since 2012 she has realized why she was was hurt and angry most of her life, she held onto anger from the past. She was miraculously healed by conversations with a friend and wrote a self-help book The Artistry of LIFE Knocking on the WHITE DOORHeartwarming haiku by Alison Breskin includes haiku and senryu, with an educational tutorial and practice exercises. Notes From Another Self by Alison Breskin is a 6x9 writing journal. Her first children's parable book The Habits of RabbitsHeartpieces Songbook by Alison Breskin, written during heartbreak. Oranges and Sailboats, by Alison Breskin, spiritual/love poetry. Coming soon, her first fiction novel, Violet's Kismet.