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Violet's Kismet, Chapter 25, The Track Meet

Thursday night, after all of that secret supernatural drama at school had finally ended, I decided to read more of mother's journal. I had received a call from uncle Frank and Aunt Mel at about 8:00 pm, assuring me despite their busy schedule campaign for Frank's place in office as the mayor of Troy, New York, that they would certainly be there and that they would ride with Gma and Paul, ugh, Paul. All of my friends had promised to be there, except Ollie, who was still recovering from the Sony Play Station  flu. Just kidding, it was just the regular old flu. Crys would ride with Damian and Scarlet Wolfe. Scarlet was a girlfriend that Crys, Gerri, Ollie and I would hang out with sometimes, like at mall trips or the occasional night out at the movies and pizza.

I laid in bed that night, after Uncle Frank called and I had spoken to him for a few minutes with my mother's brown hand sown, leather journal. I removed it from behind my fluffy pillows and from the pillow case that it was inside of, inside of a pillow case. I opened to the next journal entry and it read:

June 12th 1978

Today was the last day of school and now we have entered summer vacation. I'm sad to say, I'm not as excited about summer vacation as I normally am, but all the same, it is still exciting. I graduated with high honors, as I usually do and I told Pa and Ma, they congratulated me, but I could sense that they was a little preoccupied with other things, than my academics. All in all, I'm aiming to keep a positive stride on life and look forward to all the fun activities that Mel and I will partake in together this summer's season.

Other than the news of today being the last day of school, there's not really too much else to report. Daddy has promised he will try to go easier on me, as he knows he's been a curmudgeon since Mama's been sick. Daddy just looks sad, as he sits on the porch in the evenings, rocking in his white rocking chair. I think Mama's dying.

On a sweeter note, There's this boy, I really like down the way, so's I'm gonna try to get his attention too, in my nice summer outfits and hopefully at the fair this coming July, I'll help Pa work on the farm and earn some money for the rides and games, I reckon. Speaking of the hops farm, besides Ma's illness and Pa's frustrations, business is doing quite well! We's is selling hops by the tons and some other tall plants Pa's growing, I'm not sure what they are though they smell funny. There's lots of money in the bank Pa says for me to go to college at the finest school I desire to attend.

One more negative Nellie thing that's been happening, is that I've been experiencing some awfully disturbing nightmares. This 'Dark Man' comes and takes away my Ma and Pa and then he comes after me next. I don't remember much, except for the fact that I'm scared and I run from him. I can only pray to God and the Lord Jesus, that these bad dreams stop. Ma says I need to pray to the rosary and that will help and also ask for forgiveness at confession, so's I did, but I'm still having them damned dark nightmares anyhow. I haven't told Pa about them, since he kind of scares me lately with his mood swings.

Some family visitors from Pa's side is coming in two weeks, from Mexico. I wholeheartedly look forward to meeting them for the first time that I will be able to remember, since they ain't seen me since I was a baby. Well, journal, that all the updating news for now, as ma and Pa always says, "May the light of the love of the Lord be with you.  May the Light of Love, cure you and send your darkness into the abyss."

With Love,

Julia Mariana QuiƱones

-----------------------------------          -----------------------------    ------   ----------------

I was shocked that mother had the same nightmares that I had, but not so shocked, after I took everything else that had been happening into consideration. I wondered what the other plant was, that Grandpa Jethro was growing and was also taken aback by the fact that mother had expressed grandma and Granpa's great financial wealth, which I was unaware of till now. I felt so sad for my mother and the hardships that she had gone through with her mother's illness. I knew that later on in the book I would read that her mother would pass away, since she passed away when my mother was thirteen, that much I had known, or had been told at least. I also had never been told anything of my grandmother or grandfather's family history. Everything about my family history had been pretty much a mystery until now. Since my parents did disappear when I was twelve, it wouldn't be normal for me to start wondering about things like that until now anyways. I found it very peculiar that what my mother's parent used to say " May the Light of Love, cure you and send your darkness into the abyss." seemed awfully familiar, like I had heard it before, but I couldn't recall where I had heard it. As I read my mother's passage aloud, but quietly to myself, I stumbled upon it as I tried to remember but was unsuccessful in doing so. Every journal entry that I read from my mother's journal, seemed to bring me closer to her and I was now aware that she had visited me in my dream the night previous. I was in high hopes, that she would be visiting me in my dreams again, as it was better than not seeing her at all, if it was imperative that she and my father stay away from me, to protect me from the Dominus Illuminatio. I tucked the journal back into the pillowcase and then placed it inside of another pillow case, which was encasing a pillow behind the front pillow on my canopy bed. Salem moewed in approval.

Well, Friday had come and it was the weirdest day ever. I was pretty much set to ride most days with Damian and luckily that morning, his little freshman sister, Patti May, was not riding with us. I was wearing more make-up than usual and tending to my appearance with more care. I was very fussy about my outfits now and had tried on three or four outfits that morning, before finally going with a skirt and a blouse. The skirt was knee length and black and the blouse was baby blue. I had on a long black tapered cotton sweater and actually wore heals, they were black also. It wasn't very often that I dressed up like this, but I was obviously trying to impress Damian.

Mrs. Perdue, my next door neighbor who was dressed in neon colors, had nosily struck up a conversation with me that morning about how lovely I looked and how she noticed I was getting rides to school now, from a handsome boy. She had caught me mid-step as I walked down the front walkway to check the mail, since Gma asked me to, on account of she had forgotten the day prior. I pulled out a package, that was addressed to me, it was in a small bubble envelope. I wasn't in the mood to open it, so I decided I would bring it inside and open it later on after I returned home from my track meet with Delmar that evening. I was too nervous about my track meet to open the package just yet. I had ran for about an hour that morning. It was a strange run, I felt lighter than usual and faster, somehow, but I don't think I really was any faster than usual. I was very self conscious and sort of bugging out. Every person that I saw out of the corner of my eyes, I thought were they looking at me? Did they know who I was? Could one of them be possessed with the Dominus Illumiatio and notice me and try to kill me again like yesterday, with Tania? I was really dreading school for that fact, I imagined, any encounter with Tania would be awkward and I didn't really know what to expect, since one minute she hated me and wanted to cut me into little pieces of witch meat and the next minute, she was standing in the hallway on front of a large portion of the high school praising me and asking where I was. I guessed the only way to find out, was to actually show up at school, which I had no choice but to do, regardless of my body screaming how it didn't want to go. If I didn't attend school, then I wouldn't be permitted to partake in the track meat against Delamar and Miss Mangina would be very unhappy with me, regardless of any excuse I could conjure for my absence. I thought about telling Gma that I had caught Ollie's flu and that I wanted for her to call me out of school. But I just couldn't miss my track meet, it was to important to me and most of all, my team. It felt good to be a part of such a spectacular sport as track! I had begun running track after Gma took me in at the age of twelve, it helped with the anxiety that I had about losing my parents to an unknown disappearance. I've been running ever since then twice a day.

I was trying to keep my mind from flooding with too many worries that morning, like the fact that I had to take my cat's eye bracelet right away, to get fixed, or the fact that I had a competition coming up after school. Never mind all of the crazy stuff, like the Revolutionary war angel guy that I had seen in the hall at school yesterday when Tania was attacking me. Never mind the fact that I had a super secret  journal, that my Aunt Mel had just given me for my sixteenth birthday, coming up tomorrow, this past week, or that fact that after not seeing or hearing from my parents in four years, my mother had recently visited me in a dream and told me that there was a dark force that and my father were protecting me from called the Dominus Illuminatio and that by them bailing on me, that was protecting me! She wouldn't tell me anything, like where they were or when I would see them again, was it even real? I mean, it was just a dream, right? But with all of the other crazy stuff that had been happening and "wait a cotton pickling minute!" I said out loud as I stood in my kitchen placing down the mail onto the counter. " Mother had said that there would be a man that would appear to me and that he would explain everything to me in due time and she called him by the name 'The Colonel'. Could this have been the Revolutionary War Angel, Guy, that appeared to me yesterday? I mean, yes, he was dressed as the colonel! I felt as though I had just had one of the greatest epiphanies of my life and then Gma walked into the kitchen as I heard Damian honking for me outside. "Oh, there's my ride!" I said out loud to Gma, as I grabbed my green messenger bag and placed it on my shoulder. I reached in to give Gma a hug and a kiss, she had a perplexed look on her face. "Have a nice day at school, dear. I love you." She said. "I love you too Gma!" I said as I rushed out of the house and as she began to clean up after my breakfast mess, I heard her mumble, "They grow up so quick."

I raced out of the house, curls bouncing, passing Mrs. Perdue and her husband Ed, who was now outside and she was bickering at him to be careful as he placed a box into the car. I walked by so quickly that she didn't have time to say anything else to me, thank God and I hopped into Damian's car.

"Hey, sup!" I said cheerfully, suddenly all of my stress and worries meting away at the sight of his beautiful face.

"Hey Vie, good to see ya!" Damian said as he kissed me cheek.

"Off to school then?" I said excitedly, although I wasn't really excited about school,just riding with Damian.

"yes, off to a higher education" Damian said as we laughed. As he pulled away from the front of my house, I could see Mrs. Perdue checking us out from the rear view mirror and still bickering at her poor overweight and partially balding husband ED. As we drove past their house with the windows down it was apparent that they were arguing and I said to Damian "if I ever get like that when I'm old, just shoot me." and I giggled. "I would never shoot you, even if you were as cranky as that old lady. Besides, I always make you happy, don't I? You could never be that grouchy around me!" I laughed and said "true!"  This Girl is on Fire came on the radio by Alesha Keys, I wanted so badly to turn it up, but didn't want to seem corny and ask Damian to turn it up or seem to forward by turning it up load. But I didn't have to, because Damian looked at me and smiled. "I think they wrote this song for you."and he softly took hold of my hand.  I was gleaming so brightly at that point and I had then totally forgotten about all of my cares and concerns in the world, all of my worries were fading away into the light of Damian's amazing heart. How could I be such an emotional roller coaster? Oh yea, I was a teenager! As Damian said that and cranked the song so loudly that you we couldn't even hear ourselves talking, I felt at that moment, that I wanted him to keep driving, past the school, to someplace unknown, where I could just start over again, as someone else, but with him, with Damian, I felt so free, like nothing in the world could stop me from smiling, as my feelings of appreciation for him in my life swelled inside, I felt all of this new, positive energy rushing through my blood, God, it was the best feeling i had ever felt. As the song finished we were almost at the school. I was disappointed that the song had ended and that Damian had removed his hand from mine to take the wheel to make a turn. Damian had turned the radio down after the song had ended and she said "Violet, I'd like us to spend a day together, you know, just us, away from the world, or at least, the world as we know it. I have the day off from the store on Sunday, as well as Saturday, and I'd like to know, well, would you ..." He paused "Would I like to what?" I encouraged him to continue. "Would you like to spend the day together? I mean, I know you have Ollie's skate boarding thing on Sunday, but maybe after that, we could grab a bite to eat, maybe do a couple of fun things ..." Damian asked, seeming unsure of himself and what I might answer, his nerdy insecurity was endearing. "I'd like to, I mean I'd love that, of course!" I responded to Damian's question. "I mean, only if Ollie approves." Damian Joked, and We both laughed and left it at that. I was so smitten with Damian's request to court me on Sunday, that I had forgotten all about psycho bitch Tania and my unpleasant encounter with Amy the day before.

Damian and I arrived to school just as the bell rang, so there was no time for chit chat like the say before. I noticed Amy and her anorexic click strutting by in their little skirts and high heels. I could tell Amy was checking me out, especially what I was wearing, since I was dressed to the nine's I was betting on the fact that she wished the bell hadn't rung and that she had had to opportunity to diss my wardrobe as per usual. Damian held my hand for the first time as we walked towards school and I felt, in a weird way, although we weren't official, this was an unofficial way of making us official, publicly at the very least. The feeling of his hand in mine was even better than the car ride there. as we approached the corridor, we met up with Crys and Gerri.
"Hey" I said to them smiling from ear to ear.
"Hey girl" they both said as they eyed Damian and I holding hands up and down.
"Something we don't know ..." Gerri said prying for information, I just kept smiling.
"Hey Crys, Scarlet knows she's riding with you and Damian to our track meet today, right?"
"For sure, Vie, I got this covered." Crys assured me as she winked an eye at me.
"Awesome, I'm so psyched that you guys are going to be there. It's too bad Ollie can't make it, but I'm sure he'll be there in spirit." I said.
"I went and brought him some chicken soup yesterday, he seemed to be getting much better, his mom just wanted to make sure he was all better, this way he didn't pass the plague onto us."
"Well, that's very thoughtful of her, but isn't you going there while he has the flu just as bad." Crys asked Gerri jokingly.
"Oh, shutup, you know what  ..." Gerri said to Crys laughing and trying to put her in a headlock.
"You don't mess with this girl, she's loco." Crys said about Gerri and we all laughed loudly.
"That's true, loco but we love her!" I said lovingly.
"Well, I'm excited, Vie and I are going to kick butt!" Gerri said.
"Absolutely" I agreed.
"Of course you girls are, your the badest bitches on the track team" Damian said to inspire us.
"Awah, you're so sweet, love you!" I said and realized I just said love you, and cringed a little inside of embarrassment.
"Awah, love you to!" Damian said and we hugged. Whew, that wasn't a total disastrous slip of the teenager in puppy dog love tongue, only a minor one. It was like, love you, like you say to your friends, it was no big deal it's not like I was professing and undying love for him right there in the corridor, so all was well. As Gerri and Crys said goodbye so did Damian and I. Our hug lasted longer than a few seconds, but not long enough in my mind, I wanted it to last forever. I was suddenly aching inside for him as was feeling lonely just at the thought of not seeing him until lunch time, man I had it bad. As we hugged goodbye for a whole four hours of not seeing each other, Damian Said "By the way, you look nice today, I like the skirt!" I could feel my body temperature rising and my cheeks turning red. I rested my head in the nook of his neck for a few seconds, smelling his Drakkar cologne, he smelled so good, I didn't want to move. By this point, we had lingered so long, that we were practically the only ones left standing in the hallway. I looked up at his desirable face to say goodbye and was pausing out of desperation for his comforting bear hug, then we finally said goodbye, but I was so smitten that it came out in a whisper and I felt my knees become weak. neither of us moved, after we said goodby, at that point it was apparent that the feeling of attraction was mutual, as if it hadn't been already and we continued to stand there embraced in each others loving arms. "You're much taller with heels on." Damian said softly as he brushed my curled red hair aside from my blushing cheek, pushing it behind my ear, "And you have such lovely ears, and eyes" He said as he looked deeply into my eyes. "and smile and everything about you is lovely and ..." "And ... " I said urging him to continue his fabulous description of me. "And I like you a really lot." He said smiling being goofy as he normally was. "I like you a really lot too!" I said, our noses were touching then and just as I could have sworn we were about to kiss, the principal walked by.
"Alright, break it up you two love birds, get to class .."
We quickly and nervously separated ourselves from each others arms and laughed. The strand of hair that Damian had tucked behind my ear had fallen into my face again and I pushed it behind my ear again.
"See ya at lunch I said" All starry eyed.
"Okay." Damian said as he turned to walk to his class. When I could see he had turned the corner and could no longer see me a did a little happy dance.
"Yes, Yes, Yes!"  I sang to myself quietly!
I snuck into homeroom late unnoticed. Listened to the morning announcements listening to Jasper go on about the upcoming pep ralley next week and how we should all show school spirit in light of it. There was mention of the track meet this afternoon after school and the fact that they would be replacing soda with seltzer on the lunch menu in lieu of the PTA's recent mission to crack down on the amount of sugar intake us high schoolers were receiving. First period English was very interesting. I sat off to the window side with Gerri and next to us, an empty seat where Ollie normally would sit, when he wasn't at home sick with the flu. Ryker sat a few seats parallel to Gerri and he had a bit of a crush on her and he was not discreet about it. Gerri was very flirtatious, so she did not hesitate to flirt back. They sat there giving each other googly eyes and passing notes, while the English teacher, Mr. Browning lectured us on American Literature in the 1800's. Calvin, Colin and Tania sat over on the other side of the room, in clear line of our vision. Colin didn't even throw one look my way, or acknowledge my existence, can't say I blamed him, since I did provide the evidence that would more than likely get him a very long sentence behind bars. Calvin and Colin seemed friendly, they were conversing. Then I looked over to Tania, who sat in front of Colin and I had to rub my eyes, then blink them a few times, have Gerri pinch me and then still ask her if I was dreaming.

"What Chica? What is it?" Gerri asked with a concerned look on her face.
"Look, over there, at Tania" I said as I leaned in to speak to her in a whispering voice. The teacher was still getting settled in as the class as well.
Okay, okay" Gerri said as she turned her head to look over at Tania.
"Aye Dios Mios, is that ... Tania?" Gerri said in disbelief!
"I think so, I mean it looks like her, but it doesn't look like her?"  I said the second half of that sentence as more of a question, rather than a statement.
"Yeah, she looks all ... Good ... and stuff ... like not good, like hot good, but good like, good good!" Gerri said making a face usually only a parent would make when deciding whether or not they are going to give their approval.
"Yeah, something like that." I said.

"I mean, just yesterday, she looked like she was dressed for a lady GaGa concert and now today, she looks like a librarian, or something." Gerri noted

"Yeah, it's crazy, isn't it? Usually she's all chatty and talking to Colin, but look, she's not even noticing him, she's just sitting straight and looking forward, like she's ready for today's lesson!" I said.
"Yeah" Gerri said with her mouth still hanging open in amazement. "I don't know, I heard some crazy stuff yesterday, that she was passed out in the hallway, at the end of first period and when she came to, she started asking for you. Why do you suppose that is?"
"Oh, I don;t know, clearly she's crazy, I mean one day she comes to school looking like shes dressed for some slutty Halloween party as a naughty school girl and today she looks like she could be running for congress, I mean, how am I supposed to know why the girl does what she does." I said trying to cover the fact that Tania had become possessed by something evil and chased me around the school with a knife trying to kill me and then I was saved by an Angel, who then told me to shoot fire out of my hands. Nobody needed to know the details! Especially since the colonel told me never to speak to anyone about what had happened. Just as the teacher had prepared himself for the lesson and began to address the class, Tania's hand flew up in the air to ask the teacher a question.
"Yes, Miss Hart, what is it?" Mr. Browning asked.
""Can I sit by Violet, today, since there's an extra seat due to Ollie's absence?"
"I suppose that would be alright, Miss Hart, as long as Violet doesn't mind ..."
The whole class turned to look at me, except for Colin, who was looking down at his phone. What could I do? I had to say yes, everyone was watching, I didn't want to sound mean, or suspicious, especially after what had happened yesterday.
"Uh, Sure!" I said but really wanted to say no. Gerri was really confused, I could tell. She just looked at me like, whaaaattttt. Tania said to Mr. Browning as she passed his desk,
"Oh, and I'd like to be referred to as my full name now, Tatiana. It's Russian"
"Okay then, Miss Tatiana Hart, please have a seat."
"Okay." Tanya, I mean Tatiana said cheerfully. Gerri turned to me and said, "What the ..." I just shrugged my shoulders as if I didn't know what was going on, actually, I didn't really know what was going on.
"Hello Violet and Geraldine!" Tanya, uhm, Tatiana said.
"Uh, actually, its Gerri ... Hi to you too, Miss Tatiana!" Gerri said
"Hey Tan ... Uh, Tatiana, you gonna sit?" I asked as she stared at me in awe for some unknown reason.
"Oh, yes, of course, a seat!"
Tatiana sat down and wiped her outfit as if her hands were lint rollers and sat up very straight, which was weird, because Tatiana was a real sloucher, or should I say, Tania was a real sloucher and Tatiana had very good posture. She actually looked very nice, her hair was tied in a bun, she had on her glasses, I guess she normally wore contacts and very little makeup. Her skirt was below her knees and her shirt was above her chest! All of her piercings had been removed, the nose ring, the eye brow ring, her earrings which totaled more than I could count, I was pretty impressed, she looked respectable for a change.
"you look very nice, Tatiana, I like your outfit." I complimented her.
"Oh, Thanks Violet, it's all because of you, I've changed!" Tatiana said
"It's all because of who ... what? Gerri asked.
"Oh, It's all because of Violet I've changed, she saved me!"
"She saved who? Gerri said awfully confused and paused. "She saved you, Violet, saved you?"
"Oh yes, Violet saved me! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!" Tatiana shouted and some people looked at her like she was nuts.
"I didn't save you Tatiana, you've got to stop saying that, listen, whatever you think happened, it didn't happen!" I said in a low whisper like voice so only Tatiana could hear me.
"Oh Violet, you're so modest, so humble! Just like a true saint!" Tatiana attested.
"Oh no she didn't just call you a Saint Vie!" Gerri said and giggled profusely.
Just then, Mr. Browning urged us to be quiet and he began teaching class. The minute the bell rang, I jumped out of my chair before Tatiana had a chance to get her books together in her bag and raced to the door as quickly as I could, so as to avoid any further discussions of how I saved Tatiana and was some sort of Saint now? Gosh, this was disturbing!
 Gerri hustled to keep up with me.

"Girl is craaaazzzzyyyyyy" Gerri whispered to me about Tatiana. Despite my efforts to avoid any further conversation with Tatiana at that time, I was unsuccessful in outrunning her new and bubbly self.
"Violet, Violet!" I heard Tatiana call after me as she followed me into the hallway like the minions follow Amy around. I turned to her, "Aren't you going to walk with your boyfriend, Colin, Tatiana? Colin was already halfway down the hall with Calvin, as if he was purposely  avoiding her. "Oh, I broke up with Colin this morning." Tatiana said. "you did what now .." Gerri interjected. "Oh, I broke up with Colin, this morning, before class, he's no good for me, he's not a nice person." Tatiana said. "And you are ..." Gerri argued. "Listen, I know I've been a real jerk in the past, but that's all in the past, I've changed now and I've got Violet to thank for that! I'm going to tell everyone how Violet has healed me, the world deserves to know"  Tatiana shouted. "Oh God" I said underneath my breath. "What is she talking about?" Gerri insisted to know. I shook my head at her as if I was clueless as she was and even given the whacked out events that happened yesterday morning, I still was clueless, I couldn't piece this bizarre occurrence together for the life of me, nor did I want any part in "Saving" anyone, I couldn't even save myself! Or could I?
"Okay, well, don't want to be late to my next class, got to get those grades up!" Tania said with a shuffle of the arm like a sailor. "Okee Dokie, then .. good idea .." I said awkwardly and was tahnkful Tatiana was finally leaving when she paused looked at me smiling and then gave me a big hug. "Thank you!" Tatiana said."Heh." I replied. Lots of people were staring, Tanya, who was now Tatiana, had done a complet 180 degree turn on her personality and was going around the school spreading the word to everyone that it was all thanks to me, she'd changed and that, I'd saved her. Oh God, this was a nightmare, maybe even worse than the Dominus Illumiatio. "Lord, help me." I said underneath my breath and Gerri had already wondered off talking to Ryder. Just as Tatiana hugged me, all spiffed up in her Sunday's best, Helen walked by, staring at me, like she had seen a ghost. The whole thing was so uncomfortable and I was wishing for it to all be over. Helen was a strange and lonely Senior, who rarely said a word. She literally had like, zero friends. She never spoke in class, it was so well known that Helen was this way, that all of the teachers in the school knew better than to call on her. Everything about Helen was creepy. Form her hair, to her clothes, to the place that she lived, her parents, the car her parents drove and just Helen in general, Helen was strange. It's not that I didn't like her, there was nothing for me not to like, I didn't even know her, but she smelled bad, like body odor and she had greasy hair that looked like it had never been brushed. Nobody even messed with her or teased her because she was so weird, they were afraid of what she might do. As Tatiana hugged me gratefully for what I had done, meanwhile, I had no idea what I had done to help her, only that it must of had something to do with the purple and golden flames, what else? Helen walked by, slowly, staring at us, like most of the other people in the hallway were doing also. I patted Tatiana's back to seem sympathetic and said "You're welcome." and walked away towards my next class, geography. I had Geography with Crys and it felt nice, just to listen to her yammer on about Ollie and the upcoming pep ralley that was scheduled for the following week, she was a cheerleader and would be doing a complicated routine at the show. Next class was my favorite class and that was lunch. I sat with my besties and my hopefully and soon to be official boyfriend. Ryker sat with us two and flirted with Gerri the whole time, it was kind of cute. I figured they would be going out in no time. Things were really starting to come together for me. Even though weird things were happening, I had so much to be thankful for, my besties, Damian, Gma, Uncle Frank and Aunt Mel, all who would be at my track meet that afternoon, to support me. I felt loved. The 'Go greeners' Tony, Adam and Cecilia approached us and reminded us to recycle, we gladly obliged.
Next period after lunch was gym, which I skipped out of, because Tatiana was in that class with me and I was not keen on anymore praise as anyone's savior! Gerri would be upset with me for skipping out, but she would get over it and I'm sure, given the circumstances, she would understand. I went to the nurse and got excused from gym, due to 'period cramps' and headed to the library, to do some studying. 8th period was Health Science, I had that with Crys and we were getting a nice lesson on venereal diseases, awesome. 9th period I had biology. I didn't have any friends in that class, but Calvin did sit behind me, Colin's best friend and Gerri's whacko of an ex-boyfriend, both of their parents were Hell's Angel's (Go figure) Anyway, Calvin didn't have such nice things to say to me as he blamed me for Colin and Tatiana's breakup. He was a loser anyway and he didn't scare me or bother me one bit, I just brushed him off like he was nothing and to me, he was. last period was Spanish, super sweet, my only calls with Damian besides lunch! Gerri was in Spanish class with me also, but she spent most of the time filing her nails, since she pretty much already knew how to speak Spanish fluently and she was favored by the teacher, meanwhile, me, not so much!

So school was finally over and I was excited to get to the track meet. I said goodbye to Damian, (until later that evening, when he would be at the track meet) and headed out to the field with Gerri to meet up with the track team and Miss Mangina. the bus would be leaving at four, so we had about an hour to warm up for the meet. Gerri and I got out to the filed where most of the other track members were warming up, doing stretches and jogging in place, or sprinting from one hurdle to another. There were sixteen of us on the track team altogether and about eight other girls that Gerri and I got along with. The other six weren't so bad, they were just kind of a different click. Skylar, Zoey, Jasmine, Eva, Reagan, Fern, Alicia and Mary were all invited to my birthday partay on Saturday evening, which was tomorrow! We greeted most of the other girls as we went along and then Miss Mangina came out to the field to give her usual not so peppy pep talk.
"Alright, listen up, girls, now this is our first track meet of the year, so I don't want you to be all stressed, like everything's riding on it, but you'd better win! So stretch those legs and jump those hurdles! give it all ya got! you know what makes a team the best? If they are the best, so be the best that you can be and let's kick some Delmar butt!" Mrs Mangina said.
Normally after a pep talk, you'd think people would be excited, but it was so quiet after Miss Mangina's pep talk, that you could hear crickets chirp. There were a few 'alrights' and okays!' int he background.
"Alright, get to practicing!"

At 4:00 the bus came and we shuffled on, I was excited and so was Gerri, we gave each other pep talks about how great we thought the other one was going to do. I was happy, I had again found a place, where I could feel confident and like a normal teenager. Everyone was so psyched for the track meet and we even sang a song,'eye of the Tiger' by Katie Perry and Sklar and Fern were using their shoes as pretend microphones on the bus. Eye of the Tiger made me think of earlier that week, when I was in the car with Uncle Frank and we were being silly. I really felt so lighthearted and free at that moment, like if I was to run at that moment, I would fly. Who knew, maybe flying was possible, I mean, I did shoot flames from my hands.

Our track uniforms were all purple, hey, my favorite color! It really was the best event ever! I had on my brand new  purple and silver Pumas and I felt unstoppable! I  was gonna rock that race! Gerri and I joked about who would do better and we reminisced about past times at track meets and who won what competition. some of the other girls chimed in saying oh yeah I remember that, or correcting us, if our facts were wrong. Good times! Miss Mangina still continued to insist that we kick butt! As we got off the bus, she actually slapped each and every one of our butts. I think that may have pretty much been sexual harassment, but I was willing to let it slide. As we got off the bus and entered the stadium, where most of the fans were for Delmar, my confidence started to deteriorate andI began to feel butterflies in my stomach. I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom because my stomach actually hurt. I always got nervous before a track meet, as much as I loved them, they still made me nervous, as it was a competition and that didn't sit well with me, since I was so hard on myself about doing good and winning! I wanted to be the best, I really wanted to be the fastest runner, but I felt, that would never happen, so long as my nervous ate away at my self confidence and self worth. when I got out of the bathroom, after passing some of the Delmar girls, nervously, I returned to my team at the stadium. I looked out into the audience for Gma, Uncle Frank, Aunt Mel, Damian and my besties. I didn't see them yet. I sure would have felt better, once i  had seen them and then, I had an awful feeling in the pit of my stomach, one that was even more awful than before and I was doubled over.
"Vie, are you okay?" Gerri rushed to my side.
'I'm okay, Ger, I promise, just, must have ate something bad, I dunno what it is, but it'll pass."
"yeah, it's probably some bad gas from that cafeteria food you ate today. The chili looked like it had extra beans in it!" Gerri said and she made me laugh as she helped me up.
"Yeah, I'm sure that's what it was, it was probably the extra beans!"
"Well, at least you didn't fart when Damian was around" She made me laugh again and I started to feel much better, but I was still nervous.
"shut up, girl, I love you, you always know how to make me laugh! Thank you!" I said.
"Mwah!" Gerri blew me a kiss.
"Mwah!"i blew Gerri a kiss back!
Inside I was truly fighting for mental stability. Why was this happening to me? Why was winning so important? i looked up to the once empty seats int he stadium again and saw everyone sitting there with Gerri's mom as well.
"Look, everyone's here!" I said to Gerri!
"Yay! Hi Mom!" Gerri said as if her mom could hear her, but she couldn't because she was too far away.
"you're so cute!" I said to Gerri as I gave her a nudge and we giggled. I was nervous, yet happy.
The competition began with the 4x100m relay race, which Gerri was in and I was not, so I cheered her on and she won!
"Yay Gerri! Go Gerri! Wooooo!!!!!!" I was so excited to see her win! I glanced up at the bleachers to see our entourage waving their hands and what appeared to be yelling.
Then there were a few other events and then i was up for the 1600 meter race. I felt my pride slipping then and my breath escaping me and I had yet to begin running.
"You can do this Vie, you got this! I love you and you're gonna rock it!" Gerri couched!
"Yeah, go Vie!" Several other team members cheered me on and it felt empowering, but not empowering enough to give me the energy that I needed. As I stood at the start line, and looked at the competition around me and then to my family and friends on the bleachers, also cheering me on emphatically, I got this idea, to ask the angel for help. I wasn't sure if I was being selfish, asking for help in a non life or death situation and maybe I was cray, because I was in front of what seemed like millions of people at the time, when in reality, it couldn't have been more than a few hundred. As the bell rang and I started racing with my competition I suddenly felt a burst of energy, and I felt like I was an airplane filled with jet fuel! I looked to my right and there was the dos equies angel guy! I looked to my left and there was a weird looking alien dude, with no clothes on, who was green, who was that! Then I had the urge to look behind me and there was this scruffy looking pirate dude who creeped me out, so I instinctively ran faster! In front of me, was the colonel and he told me to imagine my knees coming all the way up to my chest and that I would run faster and so I did, I darted past the other runners and sped full speed ahead, until I ran past the finish line, crowd cheering and even giving me a standing ovation, wow, I thought, I must have done well!
"Violet Vaden, ladies and gentleman, has just broken the world record for the 1600 meter race, with an amazing time of 3:43! Lets give a big round of applause, for Violet Vaden!

My teammates all came up to me to congratulate me and hug me. I was so overcome with emotion, I didn't know what to say. The Colonel, The Angel, The alien and the creepy pirate dude were all gone. I looked around for them in wonderment. My couch, Miss Mangina was in tears. 
"Well gee, Violet, when I said kick some butt, I never could have expected that one of my track members would have broken a world record on the 1600 meter race! You can bet your buns, there's gonna be a huge celebration back at home, in honor of your huge accomplishment!"
I just had a glazed look in my eyes as I managed to crack a smile.
"Thank you everyone, thank you so much, I've been training real hard, for the past four years. I never could have expected this, accomplishment in my life, or even in a million years! I just so grateful, to everyone, for all their support in my passion for track and I'm just honored I could represent my school in such a positive manner!"
Once the hoopla over my big accomplishment of breaking the world record for the1600 meter run died down, the rest of the events took place and we finished with the track meet at about 9:30. I rode back on the bus with the team and there was a huge celebration on the bus. Miss Mangina stopped off and ordered us four large pizzas on her and let us eat them on the bus! Man, she was in a good mood! We would arrive back at the school at about 10:30 pm where we would all meet with our rides home. I rode home with Gma, Paul, Uncle Frank and Aunt Mel, where I received additional praise for my accomplishment. Uncle Frank was stoked and was already talking about preparing a press conference for me to also promote his run for Mayor. I received several calls and texts from all my friends and most importantly, Damian, congratulating me. Life was beginning to feel surreal. I figured I would soak up the praise and relax, since tomorrow was my sixteenth birthday, I was ready to have some fun!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Violet's Kismet, Chapter 24, Amy and Tania turn Wicked

Damian arrived at my house at about 7:30 in his new, used car, a 2007, red Subaru Forester. He had met his parents halfway on the price he paid for it, which was 7,500 dollars. He had gotten it about 2,000 dollars under Kelly Blue Book value, from his aunt Sally, who lived in town. Damian was a hard worker and had saved up the 3,500 over the course of working full time hours at the store over the summer and part time hours during the school year. He was very ambitious and I liked that about him. He had gotten his license although he was sixteen, since his parents owned property in Maine and the legal driving age in Maine is sixteen, somehow, due to this, he was able to get a Maine license, even though he lived in New York.

Damian pulled up and I was already waiting for him on the porch. Of course, I had dolled myself up, since I knew I'd be riding to school with him. I was so excited, it was hard to stop smiling and G'ma had teased me at breakfast, since she noticed a certain glow, about me. I told her that Damian had gotten his license and would be picking me up so we could drive to school together. G'ma had given me this look, like uh, oh, my little baby's growing up, but she was happy for me to and was glowing as well. I could tell that she was thinking about all the 'talks ‘she would have to have with me now, that I had a boyfriend, especially one with a license. Well, I wasn't exactly sure if Damian was my boyfriend, he hadn't officially asked me out at that time. I thought things were progressing nicely with us, even the wacky supernatural experiences that we seemed to share. Twice Damian had been in the throes of my encounter with the, 'Dominus Illuminatio', as mother called it.

Despite all of the crazy things that were happening, I was feeling pretty spiffy. As I sat on the porch, waiting for Damian, I was really excited to get to spend some time alone with him in his car, well, I thought we were going to be alone, but that wasn't nearly the case. As Damian arrived to the front of my house, I played with my hair wondering which way it would look best. I had curled my hair and sort of let it flow haphazardly, so I was flipping it from side to side. My hair had also begun to turn a slight hint of red, just like my mothers. I hadn't noticed it until that morning, when I was curling it and I inspected the red strands in my vanity mirror, confused, yet pleased with the way it looked.

As I walked up to Damian's car, I noticed another girl in the driver’s seat, it was his sister, Patti May. Yes, that was her name, Patti May. Damian's parents were farmers from Maine, need I say more? Patti May was a freshman and she was freaking adorable. I hadn't formally met her besides at church earlier in that week. She had seemed nice enough, so I thought ... Patti May was one of Damian's four sisters and she was girl, so technically, she was the baby.

"Hey" I said as I walked up to the car. Patti may was sitting in the back seat and she looked pissed. Damian immediately got out of the car to greet me and open the passenger front seat door for me.

"Hi Vie" Damian said and we both smiled at each other "You look nice today." He said as I proceed to sit in the car. "Thanks Damian!" I turned my head to the back seat and said hi to his sister, "Hey Patti May, how are you doing this morning?" I asked. "Fine" She said with disinterest as she paid no mind to me and continued to text on her cell phone. "Cool phone" I said to Patti May. "Thanks" she said snidely. I took it by her short answers she was not interested in talking with me, so I gave up on that endeavor. Damian turned to me and smiled then looked back to Patti May. "Oh, she's just cranky, cause she doesn't like mornings. Plus she's jealous that you got to ride shotgun and she didn't." Damian laughed, pleasantly. "Shut up, so not true. I don't care if I ride in the front or the back." She protested. "yeah, that's why you argued with me for five minutes about it before we left the house this morning and then had to get reprimanded by mom and dad for being a spoiled brat." Damian pointed out and Patti May said, "I'd throw this cell phone at your face, if you weren't driving and my life wasn't at risk." Patti insisted. "Yeah, okay." Damian said still laughing as he reached back to push her head. "Stoooppppp" Patti May whined and then went back to texting. Damian cranked up the tunes as a popular song by muse was playing and we were at school in no time. He even hurried out of the car to open the door for me again, he was so chivalrous.

Patti May instantly wondered off as she had spotted a heard of her Freshman friends, she was very popular. "later losers" She said as she skipped away. "Well, she's pleasant." I said to Damian. "She's just jealous of you, that's all, she's actually very nice, once you get to know her, underneath all that teenage angst ..." "Really, I'll have to keep that in mind." I said. Crys and Gerri started walking towards Damian and I in the parking lot as we were talking. "Hey girls" I greeted them. "Hey, Vie" they both said as we hugged. "What's cookin." Gerri said as she looked Damian's hot body up and down. He was a very stylish dresser. "Uh, nuthin, Damian here, just got his license yesterday and he gave me a ride to school." "yeah, I'm so psyched, now we can all go out together and chill, cause I got a ride." "Awesome!!" Crys said. "Nice car." Gerri said. "Thanks, I got a good deal on it." Damian said. "He paid for half ..." I added. "Oooooo, sexy and a hard worker ..." Gerri said flirtatiously. "Hey, step off, he's mine ..." I defended my man candy and I held onto his sides. "Okay, okay, geez, defensive ...  loco chica" Gerri said and we all laughed. "Hey, where's Ollie?" I wondered aloud. "Oh, he's home today, with the flu." Crys confirmed. "Oh the flu, that's just great. Well I hope he's okay." I said as I  rolled my eyes with a smile and a facetiously concerned look. "Oh, he'll survive, he's a tough chico. I'll bring him some chicken soup after school." "Good idea." Damian agreed.

"So, we've got like, a really super-duper busy week ahead of us here! We got Gerri and Vie's track meet on Friday, Vie's Sweet Sixteen B-day partay on Saturday and Ollie's skateboarding thang on Saunday!" Crys said enthusiastically. "We's some busy girls and guys, Gerri said." "Gee, I hope Ollie's better by Sunday ..." Crys said with an overly concerned demeanor. "It's a flu, Crys, they usually only last about 48 hours, he'll be fine for Sunday and he'll skateboard like a champ!""Of course he will and he won't be rolling into any trees either!" I said jokingly. "What?" Gerri asked."Never mind it's an inside thing." Crys said. "Since when did you guys keep secrets from me?" Gerri was annoyed. "It's nothing, Ollie just greeted us with a surprise crash into a tree first day of school, it was rather funny!" I said. "That is funny!" Gerri said. "So Damian, you coming to Vie's part on Saturday? Crys aked. "Of course, wouldn't miss it for the world." Damian said and I though it sounded kind of a cheesy and cliche thing to say, but coming from his mouth, it was still melting my heart in a romantic sort of way and he kissed me on the cheek, Crys and Geri chuckled. "Well, we'd better get to our lockers, we'll leave you two love birds alone." Gerri said. "Later Vie." Crys said smiling. 

Just as Damian and I started walking towards the school as well, Amy and her little clan of girl minions stormed up to us stopping right in front of where we were walking. I was feeling great and ready to take her on. "So, Damian, I see you roll with skanks now." Amy said like the asshole that she was. "Excuse me I said." Just about ready to drop my books and punch her lights out. "Don't talk about Vie that way, Amy." At this point there was a small crowd standing around watching the show. Amy had on the shortest skirt ever, that you could legally get away with wearing to school and she was nuts, because it was a chilly day. I had on jeans and a jacket for Pete's sake. "Who are you calling a skank, you no clothes wearing whore - face." Yeah, I thought to myself whore face, that was a good insult. "At least I, look good, unlike you, you look like you just went shopping at the good will, I mean, who wears a jean jacket, that's so ... 80's." Amy went on with her insults as the bell rang. "Whatever, Amy, I don't have time for this immature nonsense." I said as I attempted to walk away and she grabbed my arm. "So, I hear that you have a new job now, accusing innocent people of murders they didn't commit, you’re a witch, Violet and I'm watching you, one wrong move and your going down. I know about you little psychic vision, my dad is Colin's lawyer and he doesn't like your nosing around his case so much, in fact not at all!" Amy threatened. "You're what?" Damian asked. "Nothing, I'll tell ya later." I said to Damian and I proceeded to yank my arm out of Amy's angry hand. Damian shooed the crowd and just as I was walking away one of Amy's minions tripped me, I stumbled and fell to the ground, skinning my knee. They laughed like crazy, like it was the funniest thing they had ever seen. Damian helped me up, my hero. I tried to hold back my tears as I grew so angry and the populars walked past me pointing and laughing. "Where she belongs, on the ground with the dirt." Amy said. Damian and I sat down on a nearby bench as everyone filed into the school. I literally had a hole in my jeans and my knee was bleeding. I couldn't help but get upset and shed a tear or two and Damian consoled me. "Don't let the populars get to ya Vie." Damian said as I sniffled and looked at him. holding my injured leg. I shook my head. "They are just bitches Vie, you are the real deal, and your heart is pure." Damian said. "Thank you, for making me feel better." I said to Damian and went to the nurses office for a Band-Aid. Great now I would have to walk around all day with a hole in my jeans and a stupid Band-Aid showing through as a constant reminder that I was a pathetic victim of skinny bitch bullying. 
The nurse patched me up and asked me what had happened, I was quiet. Nurse Gordon was an elderly lady who was very kind, as most nurses are, since it's part of their job. She gave me an orange lollipop and tried to boost my self-esteem after I told her what had happened by complimenting me on my hair. "Did you add highlights to your hair?" Nurse Gordon asked. "No, I just, it just, turned this red color, all on its own." I replied. "We'll, I like it, brings out your pretty blue eyes. Here dear, have a lollipop." She offered. "thank you Mrs Gordon. "Things will look up, do you want me to schedule you a visit with the guidance counselor?" She asked. "No, that won't be necessary, thank you though." I said as I walked out of her office, feeling disoriented as to where I was supposed to be going. She had given me a pass, basically excusing me from first period, but I figured I'd better get to algebra, my first period class, as I was already struggling with algebraic expressions. First, I would stop off at the bathroom and fresh up my face, just in-case any of my make-up had run from crying. I made my way into the bathroom and I didn't feel right, everything seemed blurry. Kind of like the weird feeling I had when I had that vision of Colin raping and murdering Cindy Swanson.  oh no, I wasn’t going to have another vision was I? I was already getting the rep of a freak from Amy, since she knew all about my confession to the police because her father was Colin's lawyer. I staggered down the empty hall like a drunk person, regaining my posture and entering the bathroom. I fixed my make-up up, talking to myself, telling myself that I was alright. I heard a noise and looked to see if there was anybody in the stalls, I saw no feet. As I fixed my eye liner in the bathroom mirror, I had a flashback as to what my mother had said, when she visited me in my dream the night before school that day. She had said that the cat’s eye bracelet was supposed to protect me and that I should wear it at all times. I touched my wrist as I noticed it wasn't there. "Shit the bracelet, I'm not wearing it. Mom said I was supposed to wear the bracelet to protect myself from the Dominus Illuminatio." I heard a noise again, sounded like something hitting a pipe, must have been the heat kicking on since it was a fairly chilly September morning. But still, the noise startled me and i looked around as if someone was there. I was afraid at that point, my heart started pounding and I was suddenly in a bad way. 

"It's just the heat kicking on Vie, deep breathes." I assured myself. Then I thought I heard a screeching sound and I jumped and held my hand to my pounding heart. "I've got to get to class, this is unreal, I'm freaking out." I said underneath my breath to myself and headed out into the hallway on my way to algebra class, my green messenger bag on my shoulder. I made my way up the stairs and peered out the window, it sure seemed a lot darker outside since I was just out there about a half an hour earlier. Maybe we were expecting rain. The stairway seemed dark and I made my way to the top of the stairs to walk to my locker which was not far from algebra class. I stopped to get my book and the hallway lights began to flicker. I looked up and I saw Tania, Colin's girlfriend standing on the other end of the hallway, just staring in my direction. I tried not to look over at her again, as I opened my locker, but I couldn't help but glance back over and wonder what she was doing there. Was I having another vision? Could I have vision of people that were alive or only dead people? I got my books out of my locker, closed it up and began walking in the direction down the hall where Tania was standing. At that point, I was walking very slowly and cautiously. Tania was standing there, with her legs spread apart and her hands down, with an evil expression on her face, as if she was possessed. She was dressed like something out of a harry Potter movie, with a short plaid skirt and a low cut button down blouse. Tania had a lot of piercings and even some tattoos. The hallway lights continued to flicker; like something out of a bad horror movie, only this was my life and this was really happening. 
"You've got to be kidding me." I mumbled underneath my breath.

"oh, this is no joke, bitch." Tania said angrily. 
"Tania, what do you want from me?"
"What do I want? I want you to retract your statement bout Colin murdering Cindy, you freakish witch."
I was speechless; I didn't even know what to say.
"I need to get to my algebra class ...."
"No, what you need to do, is disappear, like your parents did, you home wrecking skank."
"Skank, what is with the word skank today, have you been talking to Amy?"
"Amy told me what you did." Tania said even more angrily.
"Look Tania, I just need to get to my class." I insisted and I tried to walk past her, but she blocked my way.
"Oh, you ain't going nowhere." Tania demanded 
"Colin's gonna get what he deserves and there's not a damn thing you can do about it." I told her straight to her face.
"That's what you think." Tania threatened again, I stared her down. I was frightened, but I was determined to hide my fear. "I can smell your fear, I know you're afraid, like a dear in headlights and I'm going to cut you up into little pieces of venison." I looked at her puzzled. Then the hallway lights actually went out and it was very dark. It was very evident at that point that Tania's eyes were glowing red. 
"Dominus!" I yelled and I quickly ran back the other way down the hall. Tania ran after me and she had a switch blade in her hand. How did she even get that thing into school? Was this really happening. Oh my God, I should have worn the bracelet I cried out frantically as I ran for my life, heart beating a million and one thousand miles a minute, huffing and puffing. I wanted to yell help, but like the day that I ran into Damian's arms that day in the park, I was speechless, was this a dream? No, it couldn't be a dream and if it was a dream then it'd be a nightmare! I was seriously darting for my life. As I ran I remembered what the Angel said, that if I ever needed him, all I had to do, was close my eyes and think of him, so out of desperation I did just that. I called in my mind, "Please help me". Where was he, what was taking the Angel so long? I looked back at Tania and a mass of black flames were encapsulating her, I felt, as I watched then move with her, that I was becoming weaker and my legs felt as if they were going to collapse, I gasped for air out of exhaustion and fright. They were separate black cloud flames and they began to all join together, to form one large mass. "Shit" I said. "Huff, puff, huff, puff ..." I felt like I was dying, like this was it, my last moments of life on this earth. "Mwahahaha, I'm gonna get you, Violet, there's no escaping the Darkness." Tania said, her voice sounded much different at this point, like a demons voice, or that of a man. "This can't be happening, no!" I pleaded with the Angel to come and help me. I began to see an outline in the fire, of a gremlin looking creature, with what appeared to be a straw hat on his head. "Why didn't I just wear the bracelet?" I cried out loud to myself. "You ruin my man's life, I ruin yours!" Tania yelled after me. Once I reached the end of the hall, I made my way down the stairs, Tania was getting closer to catching me as I was losing my breath and my strength as well, but my will to live was stronger than ever. I was gonna be dammed if some crazy bitch was going to kill me before Damian had a chance to ask me to be his girlfriend properly! As I made my way to the bottom of the stairs and into the hallway The Angel appeared, holding up a single candle, he held it by a metal handle. 
"It's about time!! Took ya' long enough!!" I shouted to him all out of breath.
"Shhhhhhhhhhhhh" The angel said as we stood in the hallway facing each other. I looked up as I knew Tania would be nearing the end of the stairway, or wait, that wasn't the Angel, it was someone else, it was another man, dressed in some old fashioned looking clothes. I couldn't quite place what period they were from, I should have paid better attention in history class instead of sleeping all the time. He looked like he was from the revolutionary war, if I had to guess. He wore a red, white and blue blazer like jacket, with a white shirt underneath and white pants. He had on tall brown boots and a blue and white hat. There were golden shoulder pads on the outside of his jacket. He held a sword in his right hand and a candle in his left. He had white hair and his cheeks were rose colored, but he was very pale. 
"Who are you?" I demanded to know. He didn't answer me, Tania reached the bottom of the stairs as I stood mid-hallway and she stopped dead in her tracks, with the shadow still hovering around her and her eyes red as rubies. 
The Revolutionary War guy moved halfway across the hall in an instant, as if he had just poofed his way there. I didn't even see him move. Tania just stood there with the shadows now breaking up from the big cluster into smaller ones, "You can't hide forever Violet, your energy will be mine." A male voice said and it sounded like the demon voice, but weaker and lower in volume." The Revolutionary war guy stood in front of Tania, as her feet began lifting off of the ground and she had a blank expression on her face, as if she had no idea what was going on. "Light of Love, cure you, send the darkness into the abyss." The Revolutionary War guy said as he held the candle to Tania and the shadows broke up into many different much smaller ones and disappeared out of the doorway. He chanted this line and held the light of the candle toward her and more shadows extracted from her body. It was like he was exorcising her or something, it was freaky. Tania fell to the floor, the shadows disappeared and the revolutionary war guy was gone, in an instant, but not before he said this to me:
"Don't discuss this with anyone." I just looked at him dumbfounded, like who was I going to tell? Star magazine?
"Hey, you didn't tell me your name!" I shouted. Tania was lying on the floor not moving. I paused and thought about checking up on her, to see if she was okay, but part of me just had the instinct to high tail it out of there, before anybody saw me and blamed me for any injuries she may have incurred. I felt sort of guilty, like I was driving a vehicle and I had committed a hit and run. "What the hell just happened?" I mumbled underneath my breath. "I have got to get that bracelet fixed!" The bell had rung and in about three seconds a bunch of teenagers were going to flood the hallways. I had to get out of there, I ran into a nearby janitors closet to hide, so that nobody would see me. I could hear all the people rush over to Tania, to see if she was okay. I heard Calvin, Colin's friend and Gerri's nightmare of an ex-boyfriend asking Tania if she was okay, and Lucy, Tania's only best girlfriend yelling out her name as she made her way down the hallway. There was a bunch of bustling over her appearance. I opened the closet door just a little, so I could hear better and see what was happening, hoping no one would notice I was there. I heard Scarlet walk by and ask Gerri where I was, since I wasn't in Algebra class. At least I had a good alibi, I had a pass from the nurse and I could just say I was so emotionally distraught; I spent the entire first period sulking in the bathroom, which was partly true.

I saw Tania come to and look around confused. "Voilet, where's Violet?" She asked. Oh, Damn, my cover was blown, now everyone would know what went down between Tania and I and then I thought, well, good luck to her explaining it! Tania looked at her friends, Calvin and Lucy, who were kneeling down beside her among the crowd. "I  have to thank her, she saved me, Violet healed me!" "Huh?" Calvin said as the onlookers gossiped as pragmatically. As they could, given the circumstances. "Thank Violet, what do you mean tan?" Calvin asked. "She saved me." Tania said as she began to stand. "Hallelujah, I'm saved! Violet Vaden saved me!" I couldn't even believe what I was seeing, as Calvin and Lucy helped Tania up. "Luc!" Tania said gaily as she petted her face. "Are you drunk?" Lucy asked Tania. "Drunk on love!!" Tania answered her. "Okay, we need to get you to the nurses office, Tan, have you checked out, I think you passed out, maybe low blood sugar or something, you're delirious, you hate Violet Vaden. Clearly, you've hit your head or something." Calvin assumed. "Yeah, it's probably a concussion!" Lucy added.
As the crowd went away as the principal ordered everyone to "Break it up and get to class." I turned my back to the closet door and slid down, till I was sitting with my knees up to my chest. I had no choice, but to pull it together and get to my next class, English and Gerri and Calvin would be there, just my luck.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Violet's Kismet, Chapter 23, The Dominus Illuminatio

Wednesday morning I awoke startled. My mother appeared to me in a dream. I was five years old again, like I am was a lot of my dreams. There was always something about the day my parents had my fifth birthday party for me, that caused me to have repeating dreams about it and sometimes even horrible nightmares. This dream was a lot more pleasant than most, however and I woke up crying tears of sorrow as I laid on my side with my hands tucked underneath my pillow.

So there I was, sitting in the white wicker chair once again, out in the sun room, where my parents had given me my fifth birthday present. Everything happened just as it was, my mother and father gave me the gift, with the big bow, I opened it anxiously and my father placed the bracelet on my wrist. He said it was a cat's eye bracelet and I got upset because I thought it was made from real cat's eyes, then he assured me it wasn't made from real cat's eyes and that it was actually made from stone.

only this time, instead of me being the little five year old girl, I was myself, as I am now, and I was looking on as this was happening. I turned to my right and noticed my mother was standing next to me. She looked so beautiful in a white sundress and her hair was well kept as usual, long and silky brown, with a mild wave and a hint of red.


"yes, Violet, it's me."


I hugged her tightly and teary eyed.

"I've missed you so much!"

"I've missed you too pumpkin."

"Where are you, tell me where you and dad are!"

"Were right here, Violet, this is a dream."

I released my arms from my mother, inspected my hands and looked around.

"A dream?"

"Yes, Violet, it's a dream."

"So this isn't real."

I said with disappointment.

"Well, yes and no." I looked at my mother with confusion. "you see, your dreams are a part of you, they are a part of your subconscious. But although, technically, this is not real, it is real also." My mothers voice seemed to echo as she spoke and she was glowing, like an Angel. "We have found each other in a dream, Violet."

"Why did you leave? Where did you go? So you and dad are alive?"

"We are alive and well."

Tell me where you are!" I said with desperation.

"I cannot tell you where your father and I are."

"Why mom, mommy, why!"

"Because pumpkin, we have gone away to protect you."

"I don't care, I just want you both back, can't you see that?"

"I know you do pumpkin and we miss you too and we love you with all our hearts, your father and I."

"Why? Why all of this? How is leaving me behind, stranded, protecting me?"

"It's very complicated Violet and it's not easily explained, you'll just have to trust me."

"Are you and dad coming back?"

"One day, Violet, we will return, when you are strong enough."

"Strong enough for what?"

"It is too soon to explain the details. You must listen to what the colonel tells you."

"Who is the colonel?"

"you will find out soon enough."

"No, I want you to come back, please, please come back."

"You must have patience my dear daughter. I need you to listen now, I must tell you about the bracelet. The bracelet was given to me when I was pregnant with you, to protect the both of us."

"from the Dark Ghost."

"Yes, but its true name is Dominus Illuminatio, which means Lord Light Eater. I was different and he came for me, but I was trained, in how to beat him. Then I had a child, before you, another little girl, her name was Ardour, which means fire. She was special too, not normal, like other little girls and she would glow with the Violet Fire while she was in my belly. Dominus Illuminatio, heard of this and she was taken and eliminated, because it was believed that Ardour had the power of the Violet Flame. But Dominus overlooked one very important thing, he didn't realize, that the flame had to be mastered to be of any use to him and there was no way that a baby could master the Violet Flame. When I was pregnant with you, Violet, the Colonel gave me the bracelet, which was given to you, on your fifth birthday. The bracelet was first given to me, to protect you from the Dominus Illuminato. We weren't sure if you were going to develop powers, there's no way to tell, until it actually happens, but your father and I didn't want to take any chances. When you wear the bracelet, your powers are invisible to the Dominus Illumiantio and they are also lessened, so as to hide them. It is not understood how the cat's eye bracelet does this, it was just given to me by the Colonel and he never explained anything more than that it would protect us if we wore it. You must put the bracelet back on and be careful never to lose it. The reason you began to have visions immediately after you lost the bracelet was because without the bracelet to protect you and minimize your powers, you can do many magical things."

"So how does you and daddy leaving me protect me?"

"Because Violet, the Dominus Illuminatio can find your father and I, but at the time, it couldn't detect you. You were getting to that age where your training could have been started and we didn't want to take any chances. We kept the bracelet on you every day and told you never to take it off and you listened. You were undetectable, but we were detectable, There was only one bracelet and you were most important to us."

"I hate the Dominus Illuminatio! He killed my sister! I want to learn how to defeat him once and for all, so he can never hurt us again!"

"You must listen to the Angel and the Colonel, they will teach you what you need to know and you have a long way to go. Make sure you wear the bracelet, Violet and never give up hope, someday we will be together again, until then, chin up my little pumpkin and don't let your face get stuck in a frownie face, always smile to the sun."

"Mom, don;t go yet, There's so much ...."

"Until next time Violet" Mother said as she began to disappear into the distance. I seriously felt like staying home in bed underneath the covers after that. I was crying uncontrollably and school was the last thing on my mind. Then, the phone rang.

"Ring Ring!"


"Hey, it's Damian"

"Hey, what are you calling so early in the morning for?"

"I just wanted to know if you wanted a ride."

"A ride? you don't drive!"

"Yes I do, just got my license yesterday!"

"So that's where you've been!"

"What's that?"

"Never mind! I would love a ride to school."

"Great, see ya at 7:30!"

"yeah, 7:30"



My life was seriously like a roller coaster of emotions. I had instantaneously gone from sad to happy in a matter of minutes.

Violet's Kismet, Chapter 22, Violet's Mother's Journal

After hanging out with Uncle Frank and Aunt Mel for a while and my interview down at the station, all I wanted to do was just go home lay in my bed and relax. I had a lot to think about. I had been given a job offer as a part time forensic psychic and I had also been given the best birthday gift of my life, by Aunt Mel, my mother's journal.

Aunt Mel and my mother had been very close friends since they were old enough to walk. Aunt Mel grew up in the house next door to my mother. Since my mother never had any siblings, Aunt Mel was the closest thing she had to a sister. My Mother spoke fondly of her childhood memories with Aunt Mel. They would go down to the creek and go swimming in the summers and sledding down the high hills in the winters. Mostly, it was just the two of them, since they lived out in the country and there nearest neighbor was at least a half a mile.

My mother's parents were farmer's, they grew the best hops in the state of New York. But that was then and this is now. Now, my mother's father, my grandfather, Jethro who I really didn't know, since the last time I had seen him, or he had seen me, was when I was a baby and too young to remember. Anyway, now, he was a retired old grumpy pants and had no interest in having anything to do with me. It kind of hurt, but I took it with a grain of salt, since I had G,ma, who took care of me and loved me.

Aunt Mel's parents, were still alive and well and living in the house next door to my Grandpa Jethro. I had thought about going to visit him, in the past and had always been advised against it by G'ma and Aunt Mel. They  said that he was a very unpleasant and possibly dangerous old man, due to his fiery temper and drinking problem. It was said that he spent most of his days, since his wife, my grandmother Fanny died, from what I had been told was colon cancer, sitting on his front wrap around porch, smoking Tarrylton's, drinking Jim Bean watching an old black and white tv. He had a crusty sweet old labrador retriever named Sam, which sat by his side most of the day. Occasionally he went fishin' and huntin', but for the most part, he just sat out there watchin' reruns of I Love Lucy, which was the only thing he found funny. He didn't want nuthin' to do with nobody and so it was. Mel told me about him from time to time when I would ask, since she would visit her parents from time to time and they lived next door to Granpa Jethro. I didn't really know what the deal was with him, as my mother never really spoke about him, so, I never asked.

As much as I appreciated this journal, Aunt Mel had really thrown me through a loop by giving it to me and she scared me a bit by stressing the importance of the secrecy of its contents. As I laid on my fluffy and very comfy canopy bed, decked out in purple and white sheets, pillows and comforters, I held the 7 x 9 brown hand stitched leather journal in my shaking hands my heart was racing and I was anticipating greatly what I would read inside. Maybe there would be grand clues as to where my parents had disappeared to and I would solve the case once and for all! Maybe they had contracted a contagious disease and left so that I would not be at risk of catching it. Or maybe, my mother had an enemy when she was young, that decided to come back for her and get revenge by kidnapping her and hiding her away from her only daughter. These were really lame theories, but I couldn't help but daydream about what had actually happened to them, I felt, if I kept brainstorming, I would eventually figure it out, that there would be a clue, hiding  there somewhere, that would pull it all together, so that it would make sense.

Salem, my fat, fluffy, furry, black friend, laid on the end of the bed, all curled up in a ball. He was so cute. I was feeling a little tired and dreading all of the lessons I was missing at school, that just meant when I went back to school tomorrow, it would be twice as hard to catch up. I hadn't made any arrangements to have any of the girls bring my homework over, since my absence from school was so last minute. I was hoping someone would just think to do it and then I figured I'd better text Crys and ask her to drop by, so I did. School would be out soon and she was more than happy to stop by with my assignments for the day.

The journal was pretty thick and I knew it would take me a while to read it. I figured I would open it up and get started at least, before Crys arrived and I was swamped with homework. It appeared that she had begun writing her journal at the age of 12, which meant that she had been writing in this journal for four years, before she had given it to Aunt Mel. I was very stoked to have four years of my mothers life, recorded by none other than herself, right here in front of me, on my lap and in my hands. I felt a warm feeling, like I had a piece of her, right there with me. I opened it up and flipped through all of the pages to get a quick glance. The entire journal had been filled with passages. I decided I would start from the beginning and try not to jump around. I wanted to make sure that I read everything in a way, that it made perfect sense.

I turned the pages back to the first page and began reading the first passage to my mother's secret and supposedly, magical journal:

May 19th, 1978

This is my first journal entry I've ever made in my life. I've received this journal, as a Christmas gift, five months ago from my parents and I have decided to write in it now, as I am twelve years old. I'm not really sure how I should properly introduce myself, but here it goes. My name is Julia Mariana QuiƱones, my father is Spanish of Toltec decent and my mother is Irish and her maiden name is O'Brady. I am an only child.

My Pa was the most wonderful man in the world, to me and Ma but recently, he's changed. Ma, has been really sick lately and I'm not sure what's wrong with her, Ma and Pa are keeping quiet about it. Ma gets sick real often and has to excuse herself to go to the bathroom, at almost every single meal.

I feel so sorry for her, as Pa has been suffering too and taking it out on us in a bad kind of way. I think he's just sad about Ma and his sadness is making him angry. Pa never used to yell until Ma got sick. Now he yells at me to tend to dinner and the dishes and threatens if I don't I'll get a spanking. He hollers at me what seems all the time now about doing chores and I try my best, I really do, but I have school work to tend to as well. I'm a straight A student and I've always spent most of my time Playing with my best friend Mel and reading books and studying real hard. Now when Pa sees me with my nose buried in a book, or running outside to play, he gets angry with me and I cry. He doesn't like the crying  and yesterday he whipped me good across the face for it. He's never hit me before.

I miss the way Pa used to be, all loving and kind. And I miss Ma's vibrant ways and her cooking. Now Ma spends most of her days either sleeping or forcing down medications. She's starting to lose her hair, slowly now and I'm almost certain she's got cancer, I hear Pa cry late at night sometimes like a baby, so I know it must be real bad. Pa still goes out and works on the farm, tending to the hops and he's threatened to pull me out of school, so's I can stay home with him and Ma and work there full time. It isn't what I really want, but if it means helping my family, I suppose it would be the right thing to do. If it wasn't for my best of friend, Mel, I don't know what I would do, she keeps me happy.

With Love,


-----------------------------------              -----------------------------      ------   -----------------

My Grandfather was nice before my mother was 12, it seemed. I had never considered that there was ever a time, where he was a decent human being and so this new information was kind of shocking to me. I had read my mother's first journal entry and I was feeling close to her. I clsoed the journal and placed it underneath my pillows. I didn't know where else to put it to keep it safe besides there, at the time, maybe underneath the bed, but that wouldn't really make any difference in keeping it hidden than hiding it underneath my pillows. G'ma didn't really snoop around in my room, as far as to my knowledge and my besties would never snoop, or would they? Eh, underneath the pillow was good enough for then, so that's where I hid it. Only Salem and I knew of its whereabouts and that was safe enough for me. Crys had come over and given me my homework. I told her as little as possible about my day. How sad was that? How could I tell her about a secret magical journal, or a job offer by the police department to be a part time forensic psychic? I just went over the funny highlights of the day like the silly ride in the car that Uncle Frank and I had and how beautifully Uncle Frank's and Aunt Mel's mini-mansion was decorated.

Keeping all of these secrets, from my best bestie was turning my stomach inside and I was in a bad way about it. But Aunt Mel had instructed me not to tell anyone about the journal, so how could I tell Crys about it, or any of my friends? I couldn't even tell G'ma. Nobody, meant nobody and I was determined to listen to Aunt Mel's instructions. So in order to keep the hand made journal a secret, that meant just that. I couldn't even tell any of them about it, because they would bug me to see it and then it wouldn't be a secret anymore, now would it? I was starting to feel a very strange feeling. On the one hand, I was finally getting the answers I had been looking for, I mean my mother's journal, had to have some clues in it. Not only would the journal potentially help me in finding my mother and father, but I was in great hopes that learning about my mother and how she was magical would answer a bucket load of questions I had about the strange things that had been happening to me as of late. She was, after all my mother, so I had to have inherited some of these traits from her, right?

it was time to focus on the track meet that was coming up in just a few days and so I went for my jog. When I returned home, I competed my homework and had a fabulous G'ma dinner, Eggplant Parmesan. Paul was over for dinner and I was less annoyed by his presence than usual. He still bugged me though and Paul liked to ask me a lot of personal questions that were quite Frankly, none of his business. It was like he had no filter and that's just the way he was, filterless. He'd ask me all kinds of over the top questions, like when my menstrual cycle was, how my boyfriend was, where I wanted to go to college, what I wanted to be when I grew up, he even dug for gossip between my friends and I. I mostly gave him sarcastic answers and G'ma would reprimand me and stick up for Paul, but she did laugh at how funny I was as well.

I missed Damian most of all. I had stalked out his Facebook page a little more, but we did not exchange any messages that night nor did he call. I was really trying to hold back my natural instinct to pick up the phone and just call him and a couple of time I sat there with his number up on my cell phone and debated over whether I would hit the call button, which ultimately, I didn't. That night, while lying in bed, trying to sleep, i got it in my head, that I would visit my grandfather, despite Aunt Mel's and G'ma's advising me not to. If he was one such a caring and loving person, what would make him do a 180 degree personality change like that? There went my inevitable curiosity and I just had to know. I knew I had to focus on my up and coming track meet and getting back on track with school and deciding what I was going to do about my job offer. So for now, I would put it on the back burner, but was certain it was something I wanted to do. Granpa Jethro lived about an hour and a half away in Washington New York, but I would find a way to get there, even if I had to hitch hike.