Hey! Mr. Big Coat,
     can I have a word with you?

Humans are birds    

     shedding shady pasts,

like so many old feathers

living moments on a breeze ...

don't you agree?

I seek release,
     from their tangled dreams,

the only language I understand;
    the rolling of a warm pen.

As I feel life's  frost-    
          I ask you,
                Mr Big Coat,
    will my frosted heart thaw?

   (and when)

I've sung many,many      
     hummed high notes,
                   drummed low tones.

I've Whispered questions,
     deeply into supernatural ears,

 wondered: Am I the product
     of an unsolvable equation?

As I travel life's dirty roads
     the fair tolls, dirt's cheap, makes sense
and I feel as though my shadow 
     bears truth's only friend.

The trees and the bees, 
     make their vibrant leaves
& their honeys sweet.

     Still my purpose;

yet to be presented tangible.

Hey! Mr. Big Coat,
     would you agree,

I'm an abstract

     Am I destined to prevail
with tenacious poetic      


On parchment of an
     unfinished autobiography?

Many sorrows I confess,
   on  papers tear-dressed.

the odds of my soul's echo,
     beyond its time

seems less than Shakespeare's worst,
     yet, I do not listen to the negative notes.

Mr. Big coat,
     today, tomorrow or the next;
              is it simply just so all at once?

     We must move forwards,
to place the pieces that we've missed,
     like the donkey's effigy tail,
until the picture is complete.

Thoughts are just tiny threads,
     woven together with words.

I ask you, for I seek, My Lord,
     what calling marks my soul?