Saturday, June 1, 2013

Marketing a self published ebook

I am desperately trying to learn how to market a self published book and in my best efforts I have decided to  take my blog readers along on the journey. I have done extensive research scouring the web for details on how to market a self-published book. I think this is a hot market and still fairly new at that. Right now I am reading an interview createspace has done with the author of 'APE How to Publish a Book' by Kawasaki and Welch which can be found at:

This book has been 'spotlighted by createspace and as Guy Kawasaki says in his interview with createspace 'APE was the #3 Kindle book and a Wall Street Journal bestseller.' I've looked this book up on Amazon and found it priced at 9.99 for the Kindle edition, which from what I've seen is about an average price for an ebook. A Success story like this gives me added hope that someday any one of my currently eight ebooks published on Kindle Direct Publishing will have a shot at the best seller list as well. Simply by doing the research about marketing self-published books through createspace one can promote their book to the top of the best selling list. Although it is not likely, it is possible with hard work and lots of dedication. Here in this interview that I've provided the link to, author Kawasaki talks about how his ebook version of 'APE' which stands for Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur, became #3 best selling ebook on Kindle and a wallstreet journal best seller.