Thursday, May 30, 2013

Shoestring Book Publishing

Shoestring Book Publishing is a book design company I've started with a partner. We edit, proofread, format, and self publish your book for about a third of the price of most other book designers, including createspace!  It makes us endlessly happy to have the opportunity to publish poets and novelists who otherwise couldn't afford to have their book prepared for publishing and self published!

We think it is every writers dream to have their works published, if not to become famous, then to know that their work is out there for the public to read. It is a wonderful and fulfilling feeling. Then it becomes available for posterity, not being forever lost in a notebook inside of a closet somewhere or lost in an unknown account.

Shoestring Book Publishing is an inexpensive means to self publish books and information manuals. If you write poetry, short stories, essays, novels, or non-fiction and wish to make them available to the public for sale or just for friends and family members to read, we do everything from editing, proofreading, graphic design, book formatting, typesetting, ghost writing, book proposals and help with self publishing and marketing tips. The cost for most books is only $5 per page. Authors receive 10% off their first book! Contact for more information.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Self-Publishing Tips

I am excited as I embark upon this createspace publishing adventure. For those of you who don't know, createspace is an online place where one can self-publish their own books. It is free and if you are an aspiring author, there is absolutely no way you can go wrong self-publishing with createspace.

Firstly I used Lulu another online self-publishing site. There are some differences between createspace and Lulu, naturally and in the long run I decided to go with createspace due to book costs at less than half the price of Lulu's and the ease of the site in general.

I have published many books on Lulu, but plan to publish all my future paperbacks through createspace. Lulu offers the option to publish a hard cover whereas createspace does not, so I will continue to use Lulu for that venue. I like that createspace offers the 'cream color' paper as well as white, where Lulu only offers the white colored paper.

Both Lulu and createspace offer a free ISBN and barcode for your book. If you've got the skills to design a book all on your own, or if you'd paid to have on designed in the past but never self-published online, I highly recommend publishing through one of these channels. Createspace is actually owned by Amazon and they will make your book available through Amazon, as long as you choose this sales channel when creating your book. Locations include Amazon in the US and Amazon in the UK, as well as the createspace bookstore.

I own and operate a book designing company called 'Shoestring Book Publishing'. Drop a line at if you are interested in having a book designed! I can even simply design an ebook for you if you like!

And so the journey begins. I've read that one should have patience upon self-publishing any book. As it is like bamboo. At first it will grow slowly until one day, it shoots up really high. Though this could take several years, I'm willing to wait for something I love.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

ebook readers

Today I downloaded an app called Aldiko. It is an ebook reader and I absolutely love it. I can open my downloads via email and choose to have them placed straight to my own personal bookshelf in Aldiko. Or any other downloaded Aldiko gives you the option to add to a bookshelf, like ebooks purchased at smashwords for instance. It's a great app and I highly recommend it!

Previously I was using the Kindle app to open my downloads. Although the readability was great there wasn't any option I could see where I could store my downloads in there. Maybe they only allow you to store ebooks purchased at the Kindle bookstore. I've only purchased one ebook from smashwords and it was to support a fellow Allpoetry poet, Amera. Who by the way is a very talented poetess.

For me, I send a lot of book files back and forth since I design books. I like Aldiko cause it allows me to store all the files of the books I've designed in a convenient and easy to access location. The set up is basically like the kindle, you flip the pages right to left. It also has a sharing option and did I mention it was free?

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Things That Lovers do

Our love's fresh as moon's debut
clear as crooning crickets revue.
Our love's eternally true
as near night sky's azure blue.

You are a star in my view,
afar shines your loving hue.
I feel you on me imbue,
as you feel my soul renew.

Post full days, nights will ensue,
cool calm breezes of lovers cue.
all of our days and nights due,
I will rise to shine for you,
do the things that lover's do.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Your Heart's Poetry

Your Heart's Poetry courses through my veins.
Like a creative brush your wanting words paint,
fresh flowing vibrant colors of love unto my brain.

Your Heart's Poetry flourishes bountiful days 
and like the richness of a diamond's sparkle,
my hopeful heart shines because of your ways.

Your Heart's Poetry seeps through my lips.
each one of our marvelously magic moments,
body and mind conceives, I long for your kiss.

Your Hearts Poetry, an artistic richness of red,
life force to my existence you'll eternally glow,
there's no looking back now baby, only ahead.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wow blogger app for android

Wow I just downloaded the blogger app for Android. This is awesome! You might hear from me more often. I'm new to this blogging thing, as I come from a generation of pay phones and beepers. As they say, one step at a time. I'm working hard to make the awesomest google + ever, as I really got tired of the mundane Facebook. In Google + I like to post pictures I've taken of pretty much anything I think is cool. I'm destined to become the best photographer ever and well, that's not really realistic, I'm really enjoying being an amateur. I didn't have the greatest camera in the past, due to lack of the green stuff.  But I've recently bought a 16 mp GE camera with a lot of zoom. Hopefully it will get enough resolution to start posting my pictures for sale on dreamstime.