Wednesday, December 5, 2012

That Pesky Babylon Toolbar.....

I woke up to my seven year old niece's phone call.

"Aunt Ali, can we Skype"

"Well, Ciara, I just woke up and my hairs not even brushed."

"Please Aunt Ali"

Aren't kids Cute? I decided I would Skype with my niece after all. I Brushed my hair and I turned on my computer. I remembered that I had deleted the Skype because it would slow my computer down. Every time I turned my computer on Skype would make it's phantom appearance with that strange whooshing sound. Quite annoying.

I had previously deleted Skype because I kept getting phone call from the "Maintenance". Since I had just installed the program and never even Skyped before I was certainly not going to Skype with some stranger! Low and behold you can have a Skype phone call without actually having to have the video on. Who knew?

Now, I know Skype has been around for eons and eons. So what? I was slow in jumping on the band wagon. What else was new? So anyway, I brushed my hair and powdered my face and proceeded to download the Skype thingy again.

I searched Skype on Google and clicked on the first link on the top. Without paying attention to the website I was downloading it from. I just assumed that if it was the first link that cam up on Google it had to be good to go baby. Wrong. I clicked on the link from the first website link I found on Google then proceeded to download Skype. Or so I thought I was downloading Skype.

No. This was not Skype. It was a bunch of other crap that I didn't want. Once I clicked on the download link and the download manager came up I went through a series of "No thanks" clicks to a bunch of crap I didn't want. I eventually got so pissed off I closed the thing out completely. I realized I fluffed up. I was half asleep and not paying attention. I do not recommend downloading anything unless you've had your morning coffee or energy drink first.

I went back to the Firefox browser and low and behold my old friend the "Babylon" Toolbar, or browser? was back. I could not be more excited. (sarcasm intended). I had this "Babylon Toolbar" which sneakily installs itself through deception. Alright, it was my fault, I must have clicked "Yes" to something in a moment of simply just being absent minded. The last time I had "The Babylon Toolbar" I YouTubed a vidoe of how to get rid of it. It did not show up in my programs. This time However, it did.

I went to Uninstall programs and found it in there this time. Once for just "Babylon Toolbar" and another for Google "Babylon Toolbar". I uninstalled "Babylon Toolbar" which seemed to go off without a hitch. I went to uninstall the Babylon Toolbar which was supposedly connected to Google and well it started bugging out. Without exaggeration about ten to twenty little windows started popping up in speedy succession. Oh crap I thought, this can't be good. I stupidly clicked "No." to one of them, since it was a trick question the "Babylon Toolbar" re-installed itself back on my computer, once again.

The moral to this story is, don't install anything on your computer when half asleep or in a state where you can't pay full attention to exactly what you are doing. This toolbar is certainly some sort of Malware and a pain in the tuckus to remove. I recommend using YouTube to search for a video how to remove it.

Ultimately I did manage to download the Skype and talked to my niece for 7 hours. We read stories and poems, painted and listened to songs. It was nice to spend the day with her, although I was not as thrilled to be re-aquainted with my old nemesis Babylon the annoying Toolbar. It's like the annoying friend that shows up at your party that you did not invite. It barges it's way into your internet and never wants to leave.

Monday, September 24, 2012

In today's awesome world of technology, it seems that the whole world is literally "at our fingertips" the computer screen being the world and our fingertips being the vector of travel. I have found that Google is quite fascinating in that if you can think of it, Google will offer it. It seems that Google has covered all aspects of internet voyaging from gmail to Google chrome, Google drive, Google blogger, Google reader, Google Cloud, Google music, Google Books, Google Books Partners, Google Play, the list goes on and on.

As an Indie author I found these many avenues to be quite interesting. I enjoy the idea of inter-connecting well basically everything. I was very pleased about Google Books. What pleased me even further was Google Books Partners. Let me talk about the latter.

Google Books Partners is much like Lulu or Create Space, Smashwords or any other self publishing website. But the thing that struck me as gold was the opportunity to upload a book you've written to Google books and have your book featured in the Google search engine. As far as I'm concerned Google has to be the most popular web browser with Bing right behind it. What could make for better overall free advertising?  It costs nothing to upload a book you've written to Google Books through Google partner. All you have to do is sign up for Google Book Partners, which is easy.

In short I'm very excited about everything that Google has to offer. Rock on super savvy internet Queen. You are truly the awesome future of the internet's.