Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Article on Astral Projection

I wrote this four years ago, as a response to an article my father had written on Astral Projection. These are just my thoughts. I do not claim fact to any of them. It's just a fun piece! Enjoy.

The Astral Plane of Time

Energy times mass equals the square route of time. Time is but the atomization of mass crushed under the energy of time. For time is but the equation for mass as energy has no equation of equal countability. As mass is controlled by energy governed by time. As mass multiplies energy permits time to exist.  Example; the earth is mass. As mass pushes outward energy pushes in giving time a place to exist. If time did not exist energy would have no mass which is food of energy. So in reality time is but a waste product giving us time to evaluate the reason for existence. Put on an astroplane to contemplate how we came to be here.
–Bernard Henry Wakefield.
What is energy? Energy is a force that moves matter/mass with intent. What about mass that we cannot see, such as gases?  There are many things that cannot be seen with the naked eye like gases.
Let’s look at ‘Energy times mass equals the square route of time.’ So what this is saying is that energy and mass would have to be the same for it to be the square route of time.  For example the square route of 16 is 4.  Because 4x4=16.  So in retrospect time would not exist without energy and mass put together. Energy and mass should be the same to be equal to time.
But what happens if energy is less then time?  Or what happens if time is less then energy?  Then what?  We do not know.  Would it be safe to assume that a difference in either would slow or speed up time?  Possibly.  Maybe this is because it would have to be the same to move at the regular rate of time which is sixty seconds per minute.  What happens when time moves in slow motion or speeds up?  Is it universal?  Does the change in time only apply to those that have witnessed it? 
Let’s look at the butterfly effect.  In going back in time and changing one thing it would then change the present and the future as well. One would think.
What if I went back in time to save someone’s life?  Let’s say my friend was going to be in a car accident, it happened.  And I went back in time to change it.  I convinced him not to leave the house to stay home.  Now the car that hit him is still going to run the red light.  But this time a young boy proceeds to cross the road. Since my friend is no longer driving down the road the boy has no reason to wait to cross the street.  The car speeding through the red light hits the boy and he dies. But the boy was not intended to die my friend was.  Even bad things happen for a reason.  And we just have to trust the spirit.  Just because you want one thing to not have happened it is not for you to decide.
Trust the spirit.  Do not question the spirit.  Do not think that you know how this world is supposed to be.  Do not try to control it. Do not indulge, do not judge, and you will be blessed.  Fear is indulgence.  Paranoia is indulgence.  When we indulge we waste energy.  We become prisoners to ourselves and we are not free when we indulge in anything.  We are nothing without the spirit.  The spirit is king.  And we do not ever have the right to judge anything or anybody in this world.  The spirit knows and we know nothing unless the spirit tells us.
What about intending time to move in slow motion? The spirit decides when this is right.  Accidents happen in slow motion. Why is this?  Is it because we see something moving fast that is headed for disaster and we slow mass with intent? Only the spirit knows. Why are things moving fast in the first place? Again because of intent. But when we see these accidents happening the spirit within us has the capacity to slow time. Is it bending and coming back again? We do not know. What happens is we are slowing the objects with intent and the energy stored within us. Energy has to be moved with intent. Said amount of Energy times said amount of Mass=Time.
Let’s say that you see a child in the street that is about to be hit by a car.  There’s no way you could have had the time to run out to the street to save the child right?  It was impossible.  But wait! No, it wasn’t impossible at all. Because you did it, you saved the child from being hit by the speeding car. But How? Let’s think about this. You obviously had to slow momentum of the car.  You looked at the car, you looked at the child, and you thought, no please God don’t let this happen.  And there’s your intent.
Energy = Work = The Force & the distance of force.
Now let’s look at ‘time is but the atomization of mass crushed under the energy of time’ So, if energy and mass equal time the atomization is the energy break down probably to do with the force or velocity. Crushed under the energy of time, this is simply a reiteration of the previous. Energy acts upon mass breaking it down then creating time.  Time is the in-between.
For time is but the equation for mass as energy has no equation of equal countability’ I can only assume here that the reason energy has no equation of equal coutability in regards to time because energy could not exist without mass is because everything that exists has mass. Without mass there would be no energy. So perhaps energy is also the ability of mass to do work. And total energy is defined by mass. So energy is really defined by mass. As mass is controlled by energy, governed by time. So mass must exist for energy to exist. But any movement that mass makes is only possible by energy.  And let’s not forget energy must have intent. So energy must have awareness.
Governed by time- Time is like the Govenor. What does a Govenor do? A Govenor oversees a town. Makes sure everything is in order to keep the town running smoothly. So time watches and regulates mass and energy to make sure it is being used properly. 
What about intent? What if we intend to slow time.  Even though a govenor keeps order of a town. That doesn’t mean that a townsperson can’t speak up about a law or regulation he disapproves. So what about when an accident is about to happen. At this point we disapprove of what is about to take place.  So with intent and stored energy is it safe to say this is how we could slow time? It is unknown. What about making time move faster with intent? It is unknown. 
‘As mass multiplies, energy permits time to exist.  Example:  The earth is mass, as mass pushes outward energy pushes in giving time a place to exist.  If time did not exist, energy would have no mass which is food for energy’
The reason energy permits time to exist is because time is a constant movement which moves forward. So how could it move without energy? Nothing moves without energy.  Okay so lets look at this in the big picture. Without mass energy could not exist. And without mass and energy time could not exist.  Fair enough? Sounds about right.
Example; The earth is mass. So it must have energy right? And if it has energy it has time.  Mass pushes outward this is expanding. The bigger the mass the greater the energy. As mass is pushing outward, energy is pushing inward. Let’s think about this. Mass is pushing outward. But Ah-ha!  Mass is pushing outward. ‘Pushing’. In order to push work has to be done. Which requires energy. So in order for mass to expand energy has to be present. So is it safe to say for mass to do any type of change- expanding or atomizing, energy has to be present.  So energy had to be present for mass to ever push outward. And energy had to be present for mass to ever exist in the first place.  So lets flip this. Reverse!!!
But lets not forget energy is dependent upon mass. The size of the mass determines the amount of energy needed to do work. Now there could be more energy. Causing an object to move faster. But without even a certain amount of energy that certain amount of mass can’t do work. Lets call this minimum energy to do work.
So is it safe to say that in the law of physics there is always a minimum that has to apply.  But never a maximum to do work.
How do we perform miracles?  How do we lift cars which weigh tons more then our mass’s allowable energy ever permits that we will be able to pick up? There has got to be extra energy coming from somewhere!  You’ve heard of adrenaline right? Adrenaline is extra energy that is stored in our bodies and released in times of distress or overexcitement. How is it released what happens? We have very intelligent messengers within our bodies. How smart are our bodies? Storing energy what a wonderful idea. It allows us to perform miracles, save lives! Lift a 4,000 pound car to save another human being who is being crushed.  Hallelujah!  Amen! Glory to God the Holy Spirit for beautiful miracles. 
This brings us to the hypothesis that no matter the mass of a being the amount of energy it can contain is limitless! Until proven otherwise. What is the limit? We do not know. We can move mountains. But there must be a minimum amount of energy to cause a certain amount of mass to do work. There is a minimum to what is needed per weight of mass but the possibility of energy we behold within us is endless! Limitless!  Isn’t that exciting?
Back to the earth. The earth is mass. It needs a minimum amount of energy to do work.  Where does the earth get this energy from? Well initially it came from several collisions in the solar system called the big bang theory. The earth is approximately 4.5 billion years old.  Initially the earth was a molten ball.  But over time the crust of the earth cooled leaving the core to remain molten hot.  This is where the lava from a volcano eruption comes from.  Now, the sun is very gigantic!  And due to this it has a very strong gravitational force.  This force combines hydrogen nuclei with helium.  With this process energy is released.  So the earth by resisting the pull from the sun means the earth has enough linear energy/velocity.  But where does this linear energy come from?
Think about it. There is a downwards weight pull towards the earth, gravity. If there were no gravity on earth, we would all fall off and float into outer space! There is gravity in space just a lot less. The earth moves by inertia. But on the surface of the earth inertia is mostly masked by friction and gravity.  This mislead Aristotle because he believed the objects would move only as long as force was applied to them.  Inertia + Angular Velocity=LET.  Energy and mass are not separate things.  They are interchangeable.  So inertia must apply to energy as well as mass.
What stops mass from moving? Is it gravity? If I have a bowel of fruit on the table what causes the bowel of fruit to sit still? Gravity? If I take an orange out of the bowl and roll it on the floor, eventually it is going to stop rolling. So what stop the orange from rolling?  Gravity? (Inertia) But if I take the same orange and place it above a machine that blows air at a force strong enough to hold the orange in suspension with a large enough radius it will stay in suspension unless the force is stopped. Now suppose the machine that distributes the air was to spin around. Perhaps the orange would spin as well.  Like the earth. The energy is not coming from the orange itself but from the air machine. If we were to turn this machine off the orange would stop spinning and it would fall.  Just like inertia. 
So would it be safe to say all things of mass/matter are still unless set in motion? Or would it be safe to say all things are in motion unless stopped by some gravitational pull/push. We do not know!  But would it be interesting to say that perhaps all things are in motion unless brought still by gravity. Maybe gravity is the key to all. Think about it. First there is the earth.  The gravitational pull is towards the earth. Once an object reaches the ground eventually it stops moving. In space there is gravity but a lot less. Where ever that gravity pull is where the object will go. Interesting isn’t it?  Inertia. I think that all things are in motion unless stopped by gravity.
And there is intent. By intent we can move against gravity. So, either we move with gravity as by inertia. Or we move against gravity by intent. Everything is ruled by gravity. By mass, by energy and time.
Energy would have no mass it would be weightless without time- no gravity.  Energy with no mass is no gravity. Mass is food for energy. Time- But in no gravity objects are weightless. There is no food. There is no time. What this means I do not know! It is just a thought. Could this be a black hole or a ‘void’?                
‘So in reality time is but a waste product giving us time to evaluate the reason for existence’ (like I’m doing right now!) ‘Put on an astroplane to contemplate how we came to be here.’
Let’s evaluate this. Reality. Truth. My father believed the truth was that time was but a waste product. Time is a waste? Well how can that be? Time is a precious thing we hold onto each and every second of it. Because when we die our time will end! End? What is this?  Time does not end just because we die. So why are we so afraid of death? We know nothing!
We have no idea what happens to us after we die. Our bodies return to the earth.  What a blessing! We mourn for lost ones, or our own impending death. But why be sad about this? Everyone is going to die. We will be reborn in one way or another. Maybe we’ll be reborn as an Angel or maybe as a Demon. Whatever we are or whatever we become the best thing we can do for ourselves is to live a joyful life free of fear with love for the spirit. Love and tend to our friends and family and mother earth. What more can we do? Make a pile of money? Aint gonna take it with ya’.
We should love and help one another as best we can. And when we die we will meet out elders perhaps finding answers. No matter what religion we are all evaluating the reason for existence. But there is only one spirit. We do not know how the world is supposed to be. If we open our third eye we will see more clearly. Without the spirit we know nothing. To assume we do is just plain stupidity. We can only try our best to seek the truth. The truth is in God the spirit. What are we America doing as a nation, taking God the spirit out of the schools? We devoid our children of the spirit in the academic setting. The spirit is love, patience, honesty and humbleness. Isn’t that list of qualities the most important of them all? Shouldn’t spiritual qualities be encouraged in everything our children do?
But for every one step back that just makes it a hundred times harder to get back to where we were. A school is an important foundation in character for our children that attend. What kind of nation will that build for the future? God is the Spirit, the reason for life, our destiny of divine nation. When it comes to the spirit it is not about equal rights. It is about having the opportunity to build the best optimal future for out children., that is their right and our obligation as parents. The killings drugs and fights. Those which are not qualities of God.
Think about what happens when we love the spirit. When we accept the spirit 100% in our hearts. Our charkas open up releasing positive energy throughout our bodies and out into the world. Thus reaching optimal health gifting us with healing energy. What happens when we hate, judge, indulge in negative thoughts and ideas becoming obsessed and paranoid.  We become plagued with sickness, stress and depression. Physical symptoms of stress which can lead to well anything even an untimely death.
So which sounds like better way to live? Who wants to be depressed? I know I want to be happy. And I am because I have the spirit in my heart. And I am healed. Upon evaluating the reasons for existence, the only way we are going to find answers is through the spirit.  We ourselves do not know anything. We did not create ourselves and we do not know why we are here. We can only live for the moment and count each day as a blessing and a miracle. 

Copyright Alison Beth Wakefield

*The Spirit within ourselves, which believes in kindness, and love. I am a Christian, but I do not denounce any religion that believes in kindness and love.

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Monday, August 15, 2016

time does not always change history sometimes the black stays

with shades lost -
it's been so long

you have not changed

since my last poem,
for you

i was,
writing to draw out the light,
from your shade-less heart,

too, never changed shape.

with shades lost,
your same shape
and my time -

i did wait

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The Light Spirit Of Love

In order to find inner peace
all one has to do is follow 
any teachings
of Love.

Jesus and many others taught love,
the opposite of self-righteousness.

The only label one truly needs
Is Love.

In America alone there have been
almost enough active shootings
to fill in every day
to date.

In order to connect with the 
light source,
The Light Spirit
one must do work on their inner self.

We cannot imitate the darkness
to become light.
We must oppose the darkness
to become light.

If we imitate the darkness
with intentions to justify the light
We become the darkness
in the belief that we are light.

The Light Spirit Of Love
Imitates no other than itself.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Briefly Lost

Slanted like a broken pole
Hit by a car off the road
Alignment skewed
Screams reach the moons
Hands touch the stars
From earth
Vibrations echo
Of his chords
A distinct laughter
Like a GPS
Finds home.
Standing again
Like a fawn
Falling from space.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Always By My Side

I am distended,

into the belly of ghosts -

Seeping through the supernatural debates,
and presences of memories -
that are ingrained, charred .....

They taunt the back of every seat I take,

every road I choose,

every dream I follow,
every hall I pass,
elevator I enter,
and staircase I climb.

I will Fight them!

And then listen to the tangled vibrations
they that writhe in hypnotizing rhythms,
cascading from dry letter typings,
wet pen marks, paper journals,
and napkin scraps!

Yes imminent death,
I am speaking to you,
I am calling,
then hanging up,
and pressing redial,

I am asking you for the truth ...

But you never have to call me back, do you?
because you are always by my side.
Perhaps loving me the most,
reminding me I will someday die.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Joy, It Is Here.

Joy, It is here and it is felt and foreseen;
as a swirl of argent colors infused in love -
where all natural smiles and the sweetest of dreams 
are woven within beauties perfectious heart.

Joy, it is felt within the calm of the storm,
as a cumulus cloud floating wide in the sky -
where all the world feels so big and bravery defeats,
the deafening fright of the fear interlayered within streets.

Joy, it is toes in between the supple blades of the grass
and sat underneath the shadowy trees of life's path,
long off away from man made roads overlaid in rage,
hidden from the fiends whom take their stage.

Joy, is where webs of artistry weave wands of peace 
and where sorrows are as lovely as the flowers kiss.
as growth gives birth it is here stagnation reigns no more,
where God flows eternally in the oceans of Earths shores.